BookMooch goes live, tell the world!

August 7, 2006

BookMooch, the community for exchanging used books, is now out of beta and ready for general use. Please do tell your friends, mention BookMooch on discussions and anywhere else people might be interested.

Since last monday, here are the improvements to BookMooch:

– you can now hand-enter books that aren’t in any databases that Amazon maintains, for example, books in Italian (as there is no Amazon Italy).

– the MoochBar can import books from any web page that uses ISBN numbers, and put them into your wishlist, save-for-later, mooch-right-now or your inventory. For example 1) you can import your Amazon past purchases page right into your inventory 2) Amazon listmania! (i.e. best “Goth Books”) can be imported right into your wishlist. 3) Books can be mooched right from ABE Books and Barnes & Noble book

– you can import any html or text document into your inventory/wishlist/save-for-later. For example, if you use a book cataloging program, you can import your books right into your magnatune inventory. There is always a confirmation step where you can uncheck any books you don’t want included. For libraries or other bulk-purchasers, you can import your purchase list into BookMooch, and quickly mooch all the books we do have available, and add the rest to your wishlist.

– bulk adding of books, such as if you own a bar code scanner (such as the $10 cue-cat from ebay)

– a photo of yourself can be uploaded from your computer, or you can point to a URL on the web. The image is automatically resized so that it looks good on the site.


Minor improvements:

– The 2 steps to mooch a book have been consolidated into 1 step, and made much simpler and clearer.

– The book details page now shows the weight, dimensions and edition, when the information is available

– we now use the “ISBN-db” service as a secondary source of information about books, when Amazon doesn’t know about a book.

– a security question appears on many pages to prevent robots for abusing the web site. The security question asks you to type in the name of a famous author, which is displayed in a graphic.

– the member inventory page has been stripped of most buttons, so that it loads quickly and looks cleanly. In addition, each book line is striped alternatively white/grey. Books are now sorted by author name. The friends page is much cleaner. The history page is cleaner, and sorts items by most-recent-first.

– the 2:1 receive vs give books ratio rule has been relaxed to 5:1, since the points system seem to be working fine in enforcing fair trades.

– another 20 or so minor usability improvements.

Thanks again for helping out during the BookMooch beta period!


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