New at BM (Aug 16, 2006)

August 17, 2006

BookMooch has been live for 9 days now and it’s been a wild week!

On the first day we launched (last monday), thanks to all the publicity, the site went “splat!” pretty much all day. I fixed the crash problem last monday and then went on a bug-fixing and feature-writing rampage. BookMooch is nice and stable now, and handling tons of daily mooching.

Some stats for you (after 9 days of operation):

– total members: 4056
– members listing books to give away: 1,566 (38%)
– total books available for mooching: 19,067
– Countries participating: 44

WANT TO HELP? Here’s what you can do:

– mention BookMooch on your blog and any web/email discussion groups you participate in
– recommend books to your friends (there are “recommend” buttons through bookmooch)
– join the discussion forum at and chime in with your thoughts

– john

Below is a short list of new stuff at BookMooch:

– browse books by language of the book. Also by location, including by country, counties and cities in the USA, cities in the UK and departments in France.

– look for people using all these many methods as well

– “search for books” let you filter on title/author/description as well as view results for just one language

– wish fulfillment: you can add a book to your inventory directly from the book detail page, and the whole wishlist process is much smoother

– people’s names everywhere are now displayed with the country they’re in

– next/previous buttons now appear on all long pages

– sending a book to another country now get your 3 points

– the receive/give ratio has been relaxed to 5:1 (previously it was 2:1)

– the Library software called “Books” for mac now supports exporting to BookMooch

– all books lists are all sorted by author’s last name

– And tons of bug fixes. If you had any problems using BookMooch last week, chances are the problems are fixed now. If not, let me know!

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