New at BM (Aug 25, 2006)

August 26, 2006

Many changes on BookMooch now. Here’s the rundown:

– WISHLIST BONUS NO MORE: by popular decision on the discussion forum, the +1 bonus for sending a wishlist item is no longer. You still get the normal points for sending someone a book, there just isn’t a bonus for matching against their wishlist

– POINTS AWARDED AT MOOCH REQUEST TIME: when a mooch request comes in, the points are awarded immediately to the book owner. You do not need to wait until the book is received to get your points.

– POINTS LOG: every change in your points is now logged, so you can clearly see how you (and anyone else) got to have the points they have. There’s a link off the bio page (for “points”) as well as on your own main member menu (also the “points” link)

– BIO STATS IMPROVED: the member bio pages now display pending give/recv, cancelled requests, rejected requests, books lost in the mail.

– PENDING NOW PUBLICLY VISIBLE: each person’s pending mooching and giving is now visible to all, linked off the “pending mooch/give” info on the member bio page

– SENDING PREFERENCES: each person can set where they’re willing to send books to (worldwide, my own country, or ask me).

The default is “worldwide”. If you want to change your setting, go to:

and change the setting at the very bottom of the page.

Minor changes

– MOOCH RATIO BASED ON SENT, NOT RECEIVED: previously, the 5:1 mooch ratio was calculated on books that you sent that were confirmed as received. Now, the ratio is calculated on books you’ve sent.

– CANCELLED BOOKS NO LONGER A PENALTY: previously, you were penalized for cancelled mooch requests if you never sent any books out. This is no longer the case.

– PENDING TAB POINTS CLARIFIED: each pending transaction separately shows the points to the giver and from the moocher

– WISHLIST NOTIFICATION FIXED: previously it was saying you were the owner of a book that is now available that is on your wishlist

– WISHLIST BUTTONS SMALLER: the “move to save for later” and “move to wishlist” buttons are now a much more terse “WISH” and “SAVE” with a tooltip to explain what they do

One Response to “New at BM (Aug 25, 2006)”

  1. Danielle said

    Have you ever thought of adding a sending preference of “my continent”?

    As a USA member I would probably be ok sending to Mexico or Canada, but I don’t want to pay $15 to ship a book overseas to India.

    This has prevented me from setting my status to “ask me” because I really don’t have enough dough to ship all over the world and would just be disappointing people.

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