Include minicards when you send books out

December 4, 2006

I printed up a 100 pack of BookMooch minicards from http:// for $20. I wanted to have personalized bookmarks
I could include in books I send out.

They’ve arrived, and they’re adorable. I’m attaching a photo of the
cards to this email.

I made the bookmooch minicard graphics public on flickr.

First, from your flickr account, make a set of my bookmooch minicard
photos, which you can see from here:

Then, visit this URL to select these photos and make an order:

For the text on the back of the card, I decided to advertising
BookMooch on the top, and then my personal collection at the bottom,
like so:

BookMooch: a community for exchanging used books

Mooch my books!

You’ll get a tiny little box in the mail, with your 100 cards. I’m
including one card with each book I send out, as a bookmark, and just
as a promo/reminder of who they got it from.



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