some stats for BookMooch about Amazon book sales

December 14, 2006

As many of you know, if you click the “amazon info” button on a book
at BookMooch, and buy the book, BookMooch gets a percentage (which is
currently 7.5%). This is the only way BookMooch makes money, which
is how I can avoid charging anyone for the site, and it’s a nice
“passive” way, since I don’t have to shove commercial or donation
requests on the site 😀

Some stats I received today from Amazon:

1) this quarter, we have sold 922 books for Amazon
2) 1.6% of you who click “amazon info” buy a book
3) Amazon is paying us $1300 is commissions this quarter
4) Since inception, 1493 books have been ordered at Amazon, and there
have been 45,000 mooches. That works out to “For every 30 books
mooched, one is bought on Amazon” or a 3.31% purchase rate.

Now, while these sums of money are pretty small, I’m happy because
this more or less pays for the machine, bandwidth, accounting and
legal bills. Well, not quite for the bandwidth, but for the other

Amazon Bought

This chart shows that we cause 10 to 15 books a day to get sold at
Amazon, though in December that number grew to 20 to 25 (which is
probably because of christmas)

Daily Clicks

This other chart shows the number of clicks on the “amazon info”
button, which is remarkably stable around 1000 a day, which is odd
given that web site usage has gone up since we launched.

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One Response to “some stats for BookMooch about Amazon book sales”

  1. Maureen Sherd said

    This is great to know. Since reading this I have been doing any Amazon book purchasing thru the Bookmooch links!

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