New at BookMooch (Feb 3, 2007)

February 4, 2007



We’ve created a space on Second Life for BookMoochers to get
together, chat about books in our garden, and enjoy classical music
with a oceanside view. Second Life is a virtual world, it’s no-cost
to join, and it’s lots of fun.

Read more about it here (along with a slide show):

If you’re really into Second Life, consider joining the "BookMooch
Second-Life Discussion" by sending a blank email to join-bookmooch-


It’s been a super-long time since I sent a "BookMooch News" update.

Since the last announcement on October 15th, we’ve just about doubled
in size. Back then I wrote:

> – CURRENT STATS as of Oct 15th: BookMooch now has 100,000 books,
> 10,000 members, and 20,000 books have been mooched. 900 books are
> being mooched right now.

and current stats as of today are:

– 190,000 books titles available
– 19,000 members
– 1,700 books are being mooched right now
– 75,000 books have been mooched (almost 4x more!)

and if you look at our charts, you’ll see that most trends are


With the crazy growth BookMooch has had, most of my time has been
trying keep the site running reliably and quickly, and there have
been a few hickups and slow patches over the past few months. The
worst of that should be over now, and BookMooch is once again running
smoothly, and you’ll see new features appearing again regularly.

Nonetheless, there are some new things:

– LOST BOOK? The receiver or the sender can now mark a book as lost.
However, you’ll have to wait 4 weeks (if the book was sent in the
same country, or 12 weeks if to another country) before the system
will let you do that.

– BOOK SORTING – books are now sorted by author, and not by Title or

– LIBRARIES INFO – an "other web sites" link on each book detail will
take you to a page with more links, including a very helpful site
which will tell you what libraries in your area have that book

– LOTS OF CHARITIES – quite a few charities have been working with
BookMooch to great effect, such as "Reader to Reader" http:// and that’s why you’ll find a "charity" link
on your main member menu. If you have a few more points than you
need, consider donating them, as we really can do a lot of good with
those books. I’m revamping the charity page soon so you’ll be able
to see all the charities that are involved. Over 200 members have
given about 1500 book points to charity, which is fabulous! Read
more at

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