New at BookMooch (Feb 18, 2007)

February 19, 2007

The new machine at bookmooch seems stable now, so I’ve taken the
opportunity to do put an update on, with a few changes

– CHARITY: you can now easily give to a specific charity, with a
“give directly to this charity” button when charities are listed

– WE MAKE A BIT: the “amazon info” links now explain that we get a
small commission if you buy from that link

– DOUBLE THE FUN: the most “risky” change is my attempt to fix the
“you’ve added this book twice” or “you mooched this book twice”
problems that occur occasionally when someone double-submits the same
page before the first page has finished its work (there’s been some
discussion of this on the list). These problems don’t happen often,
but they’re confusing as heck for the user and our tech support
volunteers, and they do mess up the points total, so I do want to fix
it. The fix to this requires a “lock” be placed when one of these
actions starts, and then the lock is removed when the operation
completes. The reason this is “risky” is if the lock accidentally is
not removed, even just once, then no-one else can do that action ever
again (at least not until the server is rebooted). So far, things
look good, but I’ll definitely be watching it.

– BUGS FIXES: the type of book binding was not being translated to
foreign languages, long user descriptions in the bio page were not
wrapping, the “worldcat” link described it incorrectly.


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