New at BookMooch (Feb 24, 2007)

February 28, 2007




I’m sending out business-card sized little info cards (yes, the dead-
tree kind) that you can give to your friends and coworkers to tell
them about BookMooch, as well as use as book marks.

You can get from 20 to 1000 cards free (50 to 100 is typical) if you
live in the USA and send me an email telling me how many you want. Be
sure to include your postal address when you email me.

More info and a picture of the cards at:



We have an cozy space on Second Life, the virtual world, where you
can hang out and discuss books with other Moochers.

To go to our space: search for "bookmooch" in Second Life and
teleport to it

We’re planning on scheduling get-togethers for Moochers on Second
Life. To receive notifications of Second Life/BookMooch events, send
a blank email to:



– HISTORY IN BRIEF – the history page now defaults to a clean "less
details" table, so you can easily see a person’s previous books and
all their feedback at once. A "Show details" page gives you all the
data, or you can click on a single transaction’s "DETAILS" button

– PENDING IN BRIEF – books you’ve sent are now shown with fewer
details, and there’s a "SHOW DETAILS" button to see everything. The
page now displays up to 50 pending items per page, so most people can
see everything they’re up to all at once. I kept the book covers and
other details on books you’re to receive, and that you haven’t yet
sent because I thought these are books you want to see the covers for
(for instance, to spot a book you get in the mail, and quickly mark
it as a "received"). However, this is certainly up for discussion,
and I could certainly do things like do-not-display-your-own-postal-
address on books that have already been sent to you. http://

– ACCEPT THIS REQUEST – mooch requests now offer the option for the
book owner to "accept" the mooch request, and they can also indicate
when they’re likely to send the book (defaults to "tomorrow") This
is not a required step for book owners, but it does move books in the
owner’s "pending page" to a "books accepted to send" grouping, and
many BookMooch members have indicated wanting to know if their mooch
request has been accepted without the stigma of the "delay" feature.
Note also that the "delay" feature no longer uses the word "apology"
so that people can feel ok indicating a delay.

– 2 EMAIL ADDRESSES – you can now put multiple email addresses in
your profile, and emails from BookMooch will go to all of them. This
is useful if you want a work & home email address to get wishlist
notifications, for example. Note that email sent by BookMooch on
your behalf (such as when you mooch) will come From: the first email
address you list.

– LOST & CANCELED CLEARER – when you click on "lost" book or "cancel"
this mooch, the page has text explaining what will happen to the
points if you do this.

– CONDITION NOTES DISPLAYED – condition notes are now displayed on
the "cancel" page, as well as on the details for a transaction page,
which you get to from the history page.

– POINTS CLEARER – the points log now displays and links to the other
party (if there is one) in a transaction. And from now on, Charitable
gifts show up in the points log.

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