Books added every day, a steady 1000 books daily (trend line is a 30 day moving average). Note that it’s been declining a bit lately, probably because of the greatly increased mooching.

All the charts were made from the “csv export” option at and then imported into Excel to make a quick and dirty chart.

Books Added

chart: mooches per day

March 27, 2007


Above is a chart of mooches per day. We’re up to about 1000 book mooches every day.

We’re seeing about a 30% monthly growth in mooches (27.47% last month).

New members per day look to be a steady 90 every day. The trend line below is a 30 day moving average.

Members New

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BookMooch now can look up related editions, using data from thingISBN, and OCLC’s xISBN.

You can see it at work here:

as well as a link to “related editions” on the book details page, ie:

Some of the data from OCLC is way off, for example all the Dilbert and Trudeau humor books in my wishlist:
those aren’t related editions, but OCLC reports them as related. However, it usually gets things right.

For the time being, I’m not having email notifications take related editions into account, because the related edition info doesn’t seem reliable enough for that.