New features: “vacation” and “close my account”

April 4, 2007

Two new features on bookmooch:


– under “your account” there is a new “CLOSE” feature if you want to permanently abandon your bookmooch account.



Under “my account” you’ll find a new “VACATION” option which empties your inventory so that it doesn’t come up in searches and the books can’t be mooched. If you log back in later, you’re brought to a “return from vacation” page which undoes this.


7 Responses to “New features: “vacation” and “close my account””

  1. Leigh said

    Was just thinking this morning that something like this was needed. Thanks, John, and the new fonts look great!

  2. Marc Dreyfuss said

    Great! You’ve implemented a blog and a vacation feature. I like it, thank you. Though this close my account button looks dangerous to press. I don’t my account to suddenly vanish cause I pressed the wrong button.

  3. Christel said

    John, a great new feature.

    My compliments on a great website and service!

    Instead of remaining a bibliokletomaniak, I am now a Bibliokleptomoochiak. *grins*

  4. The vacation feature is very good but I just tried it and it seems to be “all or nothing.” If I’m on “vacation” I can’t sign in at all, even to manage my pending transactions (noting books sent, checking for receipt acknowledgments, etc.)

    I suppose it’s better than having to close out my account entirely.

    But it would be nice to be able to sign in and manage (i.e., complete) my pending transactions while my inventory has been put on “vacation” status, without incurring new obligations to send books before I leave. I’ll just post a notice on my profile that I won’t be shipping until June 1, and put the account on “vacation” as soon as I can.

  5. amberlianne said

    Good call, there. I hate getting all excited thinking someone has a book I want, only to find out when I go to mooch it that they haven’t signed in for some-odd five months and really most likely no longer exist. Thanks!

  6. I’m really glad you added this! I do agree it would be nice to be able to complete any pending transactions while I’m gone.

  7. Courtney said

    The “vacation response” is a wonderful idea. It’ll let us communicate, set expectations, and decrease frustration when someone wants to mooch a book, but the other person may be out of town for a few weeks! Thanks

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