BookMooch Journal Project

April 7, 2007

BmjournalparentschildrenKen Samson recently launched the BookMooch Journal Project, which I think is a truly wonderful thing. Ken has a page at the BookMooch Wiki that describes the project, or you can read this except from his About page:

The BookMooch Journal Project was born out of a brainstorm I had after someone at BookMooch mentioned the ‘1000 Journals’ in a posting on the forum. Intrigued, I looked it up on the web and was struck by the sheer genius of a collection of traveling journals, with thousands of participants around the world adding art to a journal and passing it on to another journaler.

Reading further, I learned that because of the small number of journals in relation to the huge potential pool of participants worldwide, there just wasn’t a very good chance of getting to participate. As the 1000 journals website says: “Unfortunately, you’ve got a better chance of winning the lottery than of getting a hold of a journal.”

I decided that BookMooch, with it’s thousands of book-loving members, created an ideal pool of limited participants to engage in a small-scale art-journaling project. Thus was born “The BookMooch Journal Project”

36 Responses to “BookMooch Journal Project”

  1. dolphinlover said

    cool very cool idea. Sounds very interesting and worth giving a shot. I will definitely participate if I had the opportunity to do so.

  2. Claire said

    I would def be interested in this too. Let us know more!

  3. Mary said

    Sounds like a great idea! I have a camera project I’m doing that’s similar and would love to participate in more things like this. I’ll look forward to it.

  4. Deena Self said

    I would love to share a page of my day
    with others. I would most assuredly engage, enthusiastically.

  5. Kristine said

    Wow! Wonderful idea.

  6. Charee said

    Wow, what a fantastic idea. How will the participants be chosen? I would really love to help.

  7. Anna O'Connell said

    Wonderful idea. I’d very much like to participate. I just started hand-binding a book to become a traveling journal among my sisters and I. I’d be delighted to make another one to travel among BookMoochers.

  8. geraldine zwergel said

    I’m new to Bookmooch but it sounds like a marvelous idea. I’d love to talk to others about books I”ve read or am about to read.I”m almost 80 and it’s lonesome sitting here reading all alone.

  9. Brandi said

    Count me in, too. Would love to be a part of this!

  10. Pate said

    Hi, Please mooch my personal blank journal! It’s listed as “My Journal”. THanks!

  11. Gabrielle said

    Sounds lovely! I’m in.

  12. Melanie said

    I love the idea! But how do you choose who will get to participate?
    I would def. enjoy being apart of this!

  13. Lori Jo said

    This sounds interesting; I’m not sure how it works, but I am intrigued.

  14. Jason said

    wow. I never would have thought that my one little trade of a 1000 journals book for a book on my wishlist would turn into this. I had two of those 1000 journals. I would have preferred to win the lottery.

  15. Joan said

    Please count me in too!

  16. Daisy said

    That sounds like so much fun. I would LOVE to participate in the project.

  17. Eve Bennett (thunderevie) said

    I very much applaude the idea. How creative can a journel page be? Can one draw in it or make other visuals?? Count me in also.

  18. lawgrrl07 said

    Awesome idea! I’m in, I’m in! Wait…how does one get in on this exactly?? Let me know.

  19. Anne Daniecki said

    I think this is a great idea. I have been in Germany for two years and really enjoy getting to bookmooch with others in the EU and sometimes getting acquainted too. Let me know how this will work- would love to participate.

  20. Jesse said

    You know… there could be several of these journals made, and then put up on bookmooch as “books”… then if someone wants to participate, they can claim it from someone.. that way you won’t have to deal with a complicated flight list, or worry about someone taking it and never sending it on, because the person who is sending it could choose based on history and feedback who they wanted to send it to.

    Just a suggestion. 🙂

  21. Alyssa said

    Mooch my journal! It is listed as “Traveling Journal”, and I hope it can make it to several bookmoochers before I mooch it back! Thanx!

  22. Cassie said

    This sounds great! I would love to participate in this!

  23. Love to hear more abou this. Is it art? Writing? Both? I am provisionally interested in participating.

  24. Becca said

    What an awesome idea. I would so do this.

  25. Becky said

    Would enjoy being a part of this project but would like more details on the particulars.

  26. Rebecca said

    What a great idea! I would love to participate in this is I could/can. Sounds like fun

  27. Susan said

    Would anyone be willing to participate in a journal that is slightly different? It is not the typical journal project, but a friend of mine is trying to send her father’s ashes across the US. It is not all of his ashes, but rather a small keychain sized jar (like a souvenir you would see at the beach filled with a little bit of sand). I would love to help her get this project really going! He has already been to most of the NorthEast (except Maine) and a few other states, but has quite a ways to go. If you would be interested in doing this, please email me at She is going to have the journal published when it is done and will give each of the participants a copy.

  28. Jessica Bee said

    Hi I would love to help and or participate let me know how I can help!

  29. Jon Drought said

    Hey this sounds interesting, want to be part of it.

  30. Deb said

    Sounds like fun. I’d love to take part.

  31. stephanie said

    Count me in! I would love to do it!

  32. alice said

    very interested in doing this also, just let me know how and what.

  33. Ashleigh said

    I would be really interseted in this.

  34. Jo Sullivan said

    I’d love to do this! Sounds like lots of un!

  35. There seems to be some confusion about how to participate in the BMJournals project. There is no ‘waiting list’ or round-robin list or anything like that. ANYONE who is a BookMooch member may participate by mooching available journals at or creating their own BMJournal. See this page on the BMJournals blog to read all about how to get involved in the project:

    thanks, we look forward to seeing you there!

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