Mikko’s book recommendation engine

April 7, 2007

RecomsarFrom the BookMooch wiki,:

BookMooch Recommendations is a recommendation engine written by Mikko Saari that checks the books you’ve mooched, matches that with other users and produces some recommendations based on their mooching history.
Getting good recommendations takes plenty of mooching and some luck. If your mooching is somewhat eccentric, you will either get very good recommendations (if someone is eccentric in the same way) or something quite random (if you’re alone in your eccentry). The system is currently bit of a work-in-progress. Using the feedback form is highly recommended, as that will make it easier to improve the system.

One Response to “Mikko’s book recommendation engine”

  1. Susan said

    I wonder if there is a way to incorporate wishlists? It seems my reading test would be more accruatley affected by including those books which interest me, and that I always miss out on mooching.

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