Big spike in new members per day

April 12, 2007

NewmFor the past week, BookMooch has seem a big spike in new members. I’m not yet sure why, but it makes me happy (grin).

New members were averaging about 70/day, and has been at double that rate now for a week.

Maybe it’s all those BookMooch cards I sent out (85,000 of them) that are starting to reach people?

These are the raw numbers for “new members added per day” for the past few weeks:

3/20/07 66
3/21/07 85
3/22/07 92
3/23/07 59
3/24/07 74
3/25/07 68
3/26/07 73
3/27/07 79
3/28/07 72
3/29/07 88
3/30/07 57
3/31/07 61
4/1/07 64
4/2/07 65
4/3/07 76
4/4/07 95
4/5/07 80
4/6/07 119
4/7/07 135
4/8/07 277
4/9/07 172
4/10/07 157
4/11/07 129

21 Responses to “Big spike in new members per day”

  1. Connie H. said

    FWIW, I did join 4/8, but it was because I had started LibraryThing-ing the week before, and I’ve got a yay-high pile of discards that I was looking to do something with. Loving the site and service!

  2. RozeGreta said

    I have been singing Bookmooch praises everywhere I go! I would gladly accept some credit for the membership increase J

  3. Michelle said

    Congratulations! That’s fantastic. I love the site and hope more and more people join.

  4. Amanda Connor said

    Maybe it was that mention on G4’s “Attack of the Show” – whatever the reason, I’m pretty excited!

  5. Angel said

    I joined this past week–I think I saw a blurb about it on LISNews.

  6. eustatic said

    I have been singing Bookmooch praises everywhere I go! I would gladly accept some credit for the membership increase J

    haha, yes, i am also a travelling pitchman for bookmooch. some of my friends have heard the spiel several times. let me know about recruiter’s credits.

  7. Bianca said

    I know I tell everyone I know (and even some I don’t!) about how fantastic Bookmooch is. Glad to see the word is getting around!

  8. Helen said

    A Blogger friend mentioned it (after a friend told her). I then joined, and Blogged about it myself – netting two “real life friends” who joined. And netted a third via MSN.

    I posted about it on an Alias posting board too, netting two online friends there, and possibly more (who just didn’t mention they joined).

    So around the 8th-10th April, you’ve gotten me plus at least 5 others ๐Ÿ˜‰

    It’s a great site, and thank you for this. Like all great ideas, you can’t believe no-one thought of it before.

  9. I leave BookMooch cards in Geocaches I visit, and I always keep a couple in my wallet to either leave on a counter or hand out to someone. I’ve been a member since last November and love it!

  10. Kate Black said

    I’ve been talking up Bookmooch all over the place too. I’m thrilled with how much less crowded my bookshelf is.

  11. Stacy said

    I recommended Bookmooch on an ebay message board the other day, I know at least 4 people signed up after reading it.

    FWIW: I found this site originally via StumbleUpon, where it was highly rated.

  12. Ky said

    On April 5th BookMooch was mentioned in the blog by “MimiSmartypants” which thousands of people read every week. That was where I heard about it!

  13. Richard Monson-Haefe said

    It’s probably word of mouth – or word of blog or both. The great thing about this type of service is that the more people who join the better!

  14. Melissa said

    I was telling the lady at the post office yesterday and she said that the day before a guy was mailing books and telling her about it. I joined last week. I found the site through Google’s Stumble feature.

  15. tim said

    i wondered what was going on i’ve had a steady mooch rate since I joined of one book every couple of weeks or so. This week I’ve had 5 requests already. Great to see such a fantastic system spreading ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. One Eyed Daruma said

    Hooray for MimiSmartypants!

  17. SharonMcN said

    I heard about Bookmooch from my L.A. Compact group. We’re people who have made a one-year pledge to barter, beg, or buy used things for one year, not counting food, underwear, services and absolute necessities. So for spending postage equivalent to the price of one new book, I’ve already received several excellent books. I often get new books at work (reveiw copies that the reviewers are done with) that I don’t necessarily want to read, but they plump up my inventory of moochable books. I really enjoy Bookmooch!

  18. jeanneb said

    I joined this week after seeing a blurb about the site in one of my mom’s magazines. I was thrilled to find out there was such a site. Now, to catch the books I want before someone beats me to the mooching! hehe I’ve already had 3 books mooched while I was still adding inventory. This is going to be fun!

  19. Kelly said

    I know I joined the end of March after seeing a small article on different “book trading” sites in a magazine – which I could remember which mag it was!! I checked them all, and this was the only one that was free and easy to use. Sent 2 and received 2 already – I’m loving it!!!

  20. Dy-Anne said

    I think that’s great!! The more members the more books and we all have a better chance at getting those much sought after books that everyone else seems to want too and more likely to get rare out of print books!!! Horray for BookMooch!

  21. Dot H. said

    People have been sending me Bookmooch cards inside books I’ve mooched. Now I understand where they came from, but I don’t understand why they’re sending them to me, already a Bookmooch member. It seems to me instead of a card it would have been much more useful to make a bookmark.

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