Traveling all over Europe

April 12, 2007

Over the next few months I’m going to be traveling a lot.

If you live somewhere I’m traveling too, please drop me an email and let’s meet up and have coffee!

  • April 21-24 : London (at home)
  • April 25-29 : Antwerp (participating in the Meeting of Minds: the user is content [re: BookMooch])
  • April 30-May 12 : London (at home)
  • May 13-May 24 : Northern Italy (mix of vacation, and Magnatune business visiting Montisi Harpsichord Center). I’m traveling with my good friend Mary Deissler.
  • May 25-28 : Zurich, Switzerland. Giving the keynote presentation for the launch of Creative Commons Switzerland.
  • May 28-30 : Copenhagen, Denmark relaxing for two days before the next conference
  • May 30-June 1 : Aarhus, Denmark speaking on behalf of Magnatune at Knock Knock, The Future of Music
  • June 1-June 3 : Copenhagen, Denmark speaking on behalf of Magnatune at Reboot9
  • June 3-14 London : back home relaxing for two days
  • June 14-18 Dubrovnik, Croatia : speaking and partipating the iCommons Summit.
  • June 19-July 31st Berkeley, California : back home, 6 week break from traveling, phew!
  • August 1st-August 31st Stockholm, Sweden : a summer month relaxing in a great Northern European city
  • September/October (dates not yet firm), speak at the Creative Commons Luxembourg Launch (in Luxembourg) and the Media in Transition conference in Munich

5 Responses to “Traveling all over Europe”

  1. Hi John,
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    Best regards and hope to hear from you soon. Good luck with your busy schedule. I just got back from Switzerland myself,
    Anne Fajardo

  2. Lisa Carol said

    May peace and good health go with you on your travels this summer. Meanwhile, here in rural Texas, will keep reading and mooching.

  3. Mel said

    Australia? I know we’re far and not as magical as Europe but dare I say we have an amazing harbour that would prove tough competition even for all the wonders of Europe. Would love to travel one day too. Once the uni commitments are met.

    I do sincerely hope that you have a beautiful time — be safe and take care!

  4. Daisy said

    What a busy schedule! If you need someone to carry your bags for you, I’m your gal.

    Happy trails!


  5. Linda said

    John – I’m so impressed with how developed Bookmooch has become since I last visited the site! And, more amazingly, you HAVE created a community-friendly site just by how thoughtful and considerate your handling of ‘vacationers’ for example. Connections to Amazon, charitable donations, WOW! Congratulations! Job well done! Linda

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