Should I remove the “member’s inventory” lookup in “browse”

April 14, 2007


I’m thinking of removing the “member’s inventory” lookup feature in “browse“, because it really isn’t all that important (I think) to feature it right next the main search and amazon search features. It seems to me that it should placed on a secondary page.

The two places that seem to make sense, would:

– inside the “all members” page, as a search bar at the top.

– on your “inventory” page, so you can lookup someone else’s inventory

Any other suggestions or thoughts?

I’m also not sure the “all wishlists” feature is useful in its current state. It gives you a page of the members with the biggest wishlists.


Who would want to browse through thousands of wishlisted books? Now that advanced search can search wishlists, I’m tempted retire this page to a less prominent position, maybe at the bottom of your own wishlist page.

15 Responses to “Should I remove the “member’s inventory” lookup in “browse””

  1. mgpb said

    I agree with you on these thoughts.

  2. Jennifer Rinehart said

    I think you’re on the right track with your thoughts as well.
    Love love love bookmooch btw..

  3. i would like this page to be left alone. i use it frequently as a quick look up of a member’s email address when they’ve posted a special 2 for 1 or similar deal but forgot to add their inventory link. i also use it to check on which members have the largest inventories / wishlists.

  4. June Edelson said

    I never use the “All Wishlists” since there are so many members with wish lists. I never thought that “by member’s biggest wishlists” was a good idea; can’t one use “browse” to find out if a certain book is wishlisted?

  5. Neil said

    Kinda like it as it is, I figure I’ll see what else someone has and mooch it if it’s something I’d like to read, and also they can save a little postage mailing 2 books in one box. (Doesn’t happen all tthat often, but why not take a look?)

  6. Shawn Keenen said

    I hve never used that feature, and thus, will not miss it.
    There are plenty of “work-arounds” for that feature if it were taken away.

  7. amberlianne said

    I never saw the point of looking through people’s loooooong wishlists — being able to actually search the lists is all that matters from my standpoint. I concur with you on these thoughts.

  8. Julien C. said

    I also use the member inventory lookup somewhat frequently, but I’m OK with it getting moved to a less prominent location. But don’t get rid of it entirely.

    I’m 100% behind the “All Wishlists” move.

  9. bumblyburghers said

    I use the member inventory frequently, so hope you don’t get rid of it. I like when I can order two books at once from someone, or when they order two at once from me. It saves a fair bit on postage. It’s ok if you move it, as long as it is still fairly easy to access.

  10. Heather said

    I would like your wish list to have a place to list/search a book by title or author in order for to see if it is on someone’s wishlist. Having a link to see if they have the points to mooch the book is helpful too. Just listing peoples wishlist is not of use to me.

    I didnt know you could use it to look up an address as mentioned above. That is helpful. I hit the sent button once by accident. I was unable to find the address, because I deleted the email too. I see now there is a place to find addresses. Thanks

  11. jeff o said

    Member inventory search doesn’t do much for me. I’d rather see a list of “most traded” or “most copies in inventory”. It would be interesting to lift the curtain on the system and see what’s going on.

  12. blissful2beme said

    I use the member lookup frequently as a quick look up of a member’s email address when they have forgotten to add their inventory link to a forum post. If would be okay if it is moved to a less prominent spot.

    The wishlist search I only use when I am totally bored and just feel like nosing through a huge list to see if something peeks my interest.

  13. Hope said

    I use this feature when I’ve seen an offer, or a particular person’s inventory (and they’ve only posted their email address), mentioned on the forum. Sometimes I browse by inventory when topic or location prove too tedious – browsing by inventory is a shorter version of bookshelf serendipity. I like serendipity.

    1. I like the idea of having inventory search sitting on the ‘my inventory’ page. It’s the flip side of the search other wishlists box on the ‘my wishlist’ page. It’s logical, consistent and useful.

    2. This might sound a bit peculiar, but I think on the ‘browse’ page I would want to distinguish ‘browse’ from ‘search’.

    Thus Search Bookmooch, Search Amazon and Advanced Search could appear in the top part of the screen, putting advanced search where member inventory is now.

    Then below you could have all the browsing options. Thus: All Topics, Locations, Members.

    Then below that, the BookMooch tools – Moochbar and import books.

    3. I don’t think the ‘all wishlists’ is especially useful now that the advanced search is in place. The advanced search is great!

    4. I’m not sure if the Moochbar should be more prominent. It’s super useful, but it took me a while to twig it was there, and just how useful it was.

    Probably I was concentrating on using the more obviously labelled search functions first. I guess I’m just the kind of person that looks for buttons marked ‘find’, ‘search, ‘display’, ‘look up’, etc, to present me with a screen in which I can enter criteria and run them to bring up results.

    The Moochbar is good because it saves some extra steps/digging – finding the book is not on BookMooch, then going to find some Amazon info to make sure it is the one you are really after, then coming back to BookMooch to save for later or wishlist. The Moochbar turns that on its head – find the book on Amazon first, read about it, decide you like it, then mooch, wish or save for later.

    Just adding my tuppence ha’penny.

  14. Peggy T said

    I like the Member’s Inventory Look up where it is. I have never used the All Members Choice on the search page. Not sure why I would use that now that you pointed out. “Most book-giving members”, what does that mean? The number following the name is the number of books in inventory, not given away.

    If you do move it, I vote for “on your “inventory” page”… its logical. See my inventory; find your inventory.

    Browse wishlist by member seems useless, I agree. I do check out member’s wishlists, but pull them up from that member’s bio page.

  15. Sarah said

    I think the ‘All Wishlists’ feature serve no purpose whatsoever except to show off who wants the most books.
    I don’t really care where the member inventory lookup goes as long as it still is functioning. I kind of like it where it is because it has to do with browsing availible books; putting it on the inventory page seems a little strange to me, but it’d still work. Would it be bad if it were in all those places? Or two?

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