RSS Feeds now available at BookMooch

April 16, 2007

Feed-Icon-32X32BookMooch now has RSS feeds available of:

– a member’s inventory, ordered by date the book was added, so you can be told when someone whose book tastes you like adds a book

– any search you can build, so you can be notified whenever books meeting your criteria become available

If you’re not sure what RSS is, take a look at wikipedia’s page about RSS.

Next to the member name on any inventory page there is now a small orange RSS icon. Click it, and you’ll get an RSS feed icon:

Click on that icon, and if you’re running Firefox, IE7, or any web browser that knows what to do with an RSS feed, you’ll see something like this:

which lets read and/or subscribe to the feed. RSS feeds are cached on a one minute timeout, so it’ll take up to 60 seconds for a new book to appear in the RSS feed.

With advanced search is where this new RSS feature gets interesting. Any search can be saved as an RSS feed.

For example, if you wanted to see what books by Orson Scott Card are added each day, you could do this advanced search:

click on the RSS feed icon and you get:

Here’s another scenario: you want to be notified any time any book appears with the title “Omnivore’s Dilemma“. This is a very popular book that is mooched immediately when it appears on BookMooch. You could use the related editions feature to find the various editions and wishlist them, but that wouldn’t help you if a new edition came out that BookMooch didn’t know it was a related book yet.

So, from the book details page you would click on the title to search for books with that title:

click the RSS feed button, and now you’ll be notified whenever a book with that title appears in BookMooch.

Note that ALL search options are saved in the search, so for example you can show book details in your RSS feed, search inside a topic, or any other feature that advanced search supports.

RSS Search Feeds are cached on an hourly basis.

I know that there are a few other RSS feeds people really want, most significantly:

1) all new books
2) all new books in my country

3) all new books in a topic
4) all new books in a topic in my country

5) all new books in a certain language
6) all new books in a certain language in my country

I’ll be working on those soon.

What other RSS feeds would be really useful?

13 Responses to “RSS Feeds now available at BookMooch”

  1. Debra said


    You’re doing a great job, John! Love the site.


  2. Julien C. said

    Totally awesome! The only other RSS feed idea I have would be, in addition to “all” and “in my country”, “able to be sent to me” (in other words, don’t have the book pop up if it’s in another country and the owner is “ship to my country only”). I have no idea if that’s even possible, but some people might find it useful.

    I think that all these new features rock and will bring in many many new members and their lovely books to mooch πŸ™‚


  3. Amanita said

    “View all new books” is definitely a must-have option. Another one I would dearly love to see would be “browse” where you can look at covers grouped as they would be in a library, and going from related section to related section. Right now, the topics browsing is a little … kludgey.

    Thanks very much. I love the site.

  4. LauraTS said

    Is there any way to get an RSS feed of books available on one’s wishlist? Maybe it wouldn’t be that useful, given the speed that things are mooched and the hour cache of the RSS feed, but for books that aren’t immediately snapped up, it could be helpful.

  5. Kevin said

    When I click on the RSS Feed Icon, I get “This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.” and below that it shows some HTML code. 😦

    Is it something I’m doing? My Internet connection? or the bookmooch site?

  6. Lisa said


    I have only been here about a month but I am addicted & the site just keeps getting better & better!

    Thank You:)

    I could not see the RSS feeds at first either but then discovered you have to have a newer browser version so I upgraded to IE 7 and bingo!
    So see if there’s a newer version of what you use.

    Take Care,

  7. Floyd said

    I’m not sure this RSS is correct… For example, with most search RSS there is one item per result–which would here be books obviously. But I get 1 RSS item with all of the results in its description tag. This means that even if there are no results there is an item in the feed! And it doesn’t work for what I would assume would be it’s primary use, seeing new items in my feed reader when books get added…or am I mistaken here and you designed it this way for a specific reason?

  8. “When I click on the RSS Feed Icon, I get β€œThis XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.” and below that it shows some HTML code.”

    That means you’re probably running IE6 and no support for RSS feeds. Try IE7, Firefox, or download an RSS reader.


  9. SamLowry said

    I agree with some previous posters – an RSS feed of one’s wishlist would be really useful. With an option to include all my “save-for-later”‘s. This is much less intrusive than refreshing a browser window throughout the work day.

    I don’t have enough experience on BookMooch to want to monitor anyone’s inventory. The search function sounds good. Thanks for your work on this -SL

  10. SamLowry said

    Let me clarify – not just an rss feed of my static wishlist, but some notice that an item on it is now available.

  11. Nancy said

    When I click on the RSS icon everthing comes up all scrambled, like this:

    David Sedaris: Naked
    Author:David Sedaris Title:Naked Date Added:2007/04/21 Publisher:Back Bay Books Date Published:1998-06-01 Pages:224 Published in:English ASIN:0316777730 Giver:Barry (Canada), caleigh (USA: IL)

    What am I doing wrong??

  12. Nancy said

    OMG, I just posted the last comment about my scrambled RSS icon info and I cut and pasted the scrambled part. Now I see that it reads perfectly in by above post!! It does not look like that at all when I use the icon?!?!

  13. Jill said

    I’d like to be able to pull up an RSS feed on a publisher website, since the ISBN’s appear there, and use the link to import it to my wishlist via the html or website link buttons.

    On a side note, when I try to bulk add to my wishlist, they populate to my inventory instead, Can this bug be fixed?


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