RSS feed of wishlist books available for mooching

April 21, 2007

Rsswisic-1On every wishlist page, there is now an RSS icon which will give you a feed of only the books on that wishlist which are currently available for mooching.

This is a really handy way to keep on top of your wishlist.

Many RSS readers will show a popup alert when a new RSS item appears. If you do that, then your alert will pop up on your computer whenever a book on your wishlist is available.

But wait, there’s more.

If you click “show related editions” and use the RSS feed icon from that page, then the RSS feed shows you books available for mooching from your wishlist, including any related editions of any of the wishlisted books. VERY handy!

To mooch a book, click on the title or the cover graphic, which will then take you to the BookMooch detail page, and from there you can click “mooch” if you want the book.

Here’s what the RSS feed looks like in Firefox (this is with related editions on, and you can see several related editions of “Swann’s Way” available (I’m looking for the French edition, which is why it’s still on my wishlist):


13 Responses to “RSS feed of wishlist books available for mooching”

  1. Drew said

    Very handy indeed… Great feature!

  2. Spring said

    Thanks so much! This was really needed.

  3. Marianne said

    Wow! Great feature! Thanks.

  4. Laura said

    That’s great but is there a way to remove the “possibly inactive” users from my moochable list? There are several books on my wishlist that have 1 copy available listed next to them but it’s really not available because the user went AWOL. I guess I want to make my own blacklist and add those users to it.

  5. Samantha said

    I agree, the inactives showing up as moochable copies are very annoying. I get all excited to see the there is a copy available but then find out that the person has been inavtive for months.

  6. jenn said

    I also agree with the above statements. Please
    filter out the inactive users.

  7. Tamara said

    I agree. It’s always annoying to get pop ups on wishlisted books because someone has cancelled a request because it was never sent and the person went inactive. I probably get an average of 3 of these per week. I think an inactive account should be removed until the person comes back on an reactivates it.

  8. Mara said

    Great feature.
    Fair solution.
    I am very happy with this.

  9. Leah Wiederspahn said

    can’t figure out what this does or how it works. I clicked on the icon and I got computer language so I don’t see how this helps. Any thoughts?

  10. sara said

    I had added my wishlist rss feed to my reader a few weeks ago, but even when books were available the rss feed was never updated. I don’t know why, but just thought I’d mention it incase others are having the same problem.

  11. Cindy Sweeney said

    Has anyone been able to add this to NewsGator Online? I’ve tried adding both the regular wishlist and the “related editions” version, and with both of them NewsGator tells me that there was error adding the subscription and I need to check the URL and try again.

    I’ve never had this kind of trouble adding a subscription to NewsGator before and can’t figure out what the trouble is.

  12. LCubed said


    Love this feature. Looks like some feed readers have an issue with adding a more or less “empty” feed (no books in it)? I’m currently having issues with Google Reader.

    If there’s something we need to do, let us know. Thank You!

  13. LCubed said

    There was an lengthy outage with the Google Reader at the time when I was attempting to take advantage of this great feature.

    That unspecified problem at Google was corrected and (of course) now works great. Thanks again John for this addition!

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