context-sensitive help

May 8, 2007


Margo Milner volunteered to write some help/documentation pages for BookMooch, and I thought this was a great idea, but I also wanted everyone to be able to add to the help pages, just as we do today for the translations.

The solution was to put the help on the BookMooch wiki, so that each page at BookMooch would like to a dedicated help page, and anyone could edit the wiki page to add helpful information.

Now, on every page at BookMooch, you’ll see a (?) button on the top right of the page, across from the title. Clicking this pops up a help page on the Wiki, for the page you were on. Most pages are currently blank (since I just launched this today), so you can help out by:

1) putting in some helpful information yourself, about the BookMooch page

2) editing the page and putting questions in, and things you’d like answered about how that page at BookMooch works

Note that if you use BookMooch in a non-english language, you will get your own help page at the wiki for that page. In other words, the help pages are multi-language compatible.

Also note that some pages, such as the pending page, have multiple title sections, and hence multiple help. This is on purpose, so that there can be a separate page for “Books accepted to send” and “Books waiting to receive, which have been sent”. Since these concepts are a bit complicated, and these are big page sections, I thought it’d be helpful to have separate help for them.

6 Responses to “context-sensitive help”

  1. Lori said

    Someone has requested one of my books, but I don’t have a mailing address for them. How do I get their mailing address

  2. Sammy said

    I have one suggestion for the wiki: make the main title of the page really stand out (bold and bigger for example). Right now is formatted like all the other text, and one almost have to search for the title. It shouldn’t be too difficult using css, eg. h1.firstHeading {font-size:2em;}

  3. Luna said

    I have something to be added: a webmaster feedback contact of some kind. Because this:

    Please do not add books you do not intend to give away

    When you added your book a minute ago, an email was sent to the people who have this book on their wishlist, and they will now be frustrated that the book is not actually available.

    Only add books into BookMooch you really intend to give away.

    …is really rude. I selected one of two titles that were exactly the same save for the publication date, and wanted to be sure that I had the right one selected. The language used here assumes the worst of someone. if you want to run a project, then run it. Don’t assume the worst of those participating in it.

  4. Myrna said

    I agree with Luna about the language being rude. I accidently hit the button to give away instead of the wishlist button and felt like an idiot when I had to correct it. I would hope there was a few minutes grace before the emails are sent to people.

  5. Cece said

    I’m not clear who pays for the postage or how the shipping cost work. Can someone tell me?

  6. Frances M. Bothwell said

    My inventory seems to have disappeared. I clicked on the ? on the inventory page but got no useful information. Can someone please tell me what is happening and how to get my list back? My inventory now has 2 books, when my real inventory is about 360.


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