HTML widgets for blogs & personal portals

May 8, 2007

I’ve started working on features that integrate BookMooch with other people’s home pages, and would love some feedback on my ideas.

Here are a few things I’m thinking of:

1) “My books widget”: a bit of HTML you put in your blog or home page, that shows any of:
a) books you recently mooched
b) books you recently got
c) books recently added to your wishlist
d) most recent book reviewed

2) “Is it moochable widget” a bit of HTML you put on a web page, that tells you if that book is available for mooching. Useful for other web sites that have describe books (kind of like this page but for your own web site, and a lot smaller)

3) “blog this book” button. You tell BookMooch a bit about your blog, and you can then write your thoughts about any book that Amazon has (not just bookmooch books), and we can either give you the HTML or post directly to your blog, including the book cover, and live-status about whether the book is currently moochable. To encourage people to blog books, the book details page will link out to sites that have blogged the current book, which will greatly enhance your blogs google rankings.

4) possibly… books I’m about to read, and comments/reviews on each book, which is then automatically blogged.

5) also possible… if you add a review on bookmooch, it can optionally automatically post your review to your own blog, and bookmooch will link to your blog in thanks

Other ideas? The general thrust is how to help people with blogs or web sites easily talk about their bookmooch experience, but also about books in general.


6 Responses to “HTML widgets for blogs & personal portals”

  1. Jonathan said

    1) e) a random selection of books in my inventory that changes with each page reload

  2. ArtZ said

    I second Jonathan’s suggestion. I want to display a list of books which I am giving away.

  3. What Jonathan said. 🙂 I’d like to advertise books from my inventory to encourage people to join bookmooch and mooch from me.

  4. Amber said

    Is there any chance of seeing more options for the ‘Will send’ area of the site? I would for instance like to see a ‘Only in Europe’ option.

    Living in a small country where English isn’t the main language it is really silly if I pick ‘only my country’ and it gets expensive saying ‘worldwide’ and I hate having it set to ‘ask first’ because most people don’t ask and it leads to silly rejections.


  5. Suzanne said

    I really like the first widget idea, because it would go great on my own blog I already have set up for what I am reading, and I could advertise for bookmooch!

    Great ideas!

  6. Brendt said

    I like #4 (about to read). There’s another swapping service that has that, with an indicator next to the books that are on others’ wishlists. While it’s not a guarantee that they’ll mooch it, it’s nice to know what others want that you have, particularly if you can’t decide what to read next.

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