On-stage BookMooch presentation in Copenhagen

June 8, 2007

I presented BookMooch during a 5 minute micropresentation at the Reboot 9.0 conference in Copenhagen last week. This is a presentation style where each slide automatically advances every 20 seconds, and you stop talking at 5 minutes exactly.

Henrik Fohnz video recorded my presentation and put it up on his blog. I uploaded it to youtube (it’s on a CC license) and you can see it today.

I was pretty happy with how the presentation was received, as the audience interrupted me at one point to applause in appreciation, which has never happened to me in any other presentation. I’ll be studying what I did here to see if I can reproduce the “secret sauce”.

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3 Responses to “On-stage BookMooch presentation in Copenhagen”

  1. I thought your micropresentation was great…it’s wonderful to see how you all tackled the creative challenge of the constraint. I like BookMooch – it would seem to be the ideal solution for no longer needed textbooks – I spent a fortune on those in college.

    I’m a terrible book hoarder, but I’ve resolved this weekend to haul at least 10 books that I’ll mooch…

    See you at the next Reboot!

  2. Peggy T said

    Great, now when I explain BookMooch, I can just give a link to this video and have you do the presentation!!

  3. Michael said

    A very good presentation, John. There is definitely an art to compressing a coherent presentation into five minutes, especially when there is a limit on the number and duration of your slides. The only down-side of the video is that we can’t really see the slides — otherwise, I agree with Peggy that this is a good way to introduce new users. 🙂

    I was listening to Eben Moglen’s recent lecture in Edinburgh, Scotland earlier, and he talked at great length about the kinds of creativity and freedom that have arisen out of the open-source concept. I think your work on Bookmooch is a superb demonstration of exactly that principle. Thanks for all your hard work in making it available, John!

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