Become a BookMooch power user

July 13, 2007

Robert Monroe has written a very good article on how to use BookMooch to is fullest potential.

His article is here:

12 Responses to “Become a BookMooch power user”

  1. mel starrs said

    I realised reading Robert’s tips that I was being a ‘bad’ book moocher. I am currently ‘on vacation’ and my wishlist was stupidly long (300 books or so). I needed to move them all to save for later. Turns out if you copy the web address for the wishlist to the box at the bottom for import, the whole lot can be imported. Fantastic. Now my wishlist is empty and my save for later full for when I return. And I am no longer clogging up the system and getting folks hopes up that I’ll be mooching their book.

  2. Chris Penick said

    Ah, I like the idea of cleaning up the wish list, but is there a way to do “bulk” operations on either list, wish or save-for-later? It would be nice to be able to clean these up without having to do this without having to delete or move one at a time. Perhaps I am just missing a trick somewhere? If so, please enlighten me so I can join the ranks of power user!

  3. Eliza said

    That was a great, handy list and I was delighted to see I already do most of that stuff. However, the only bad tip I think was the one about listing a book under a more popular edition, say if you have an older edition that doesn’t have as much information on Amazon. I find that to be slightly dishonest, even if you’re mentioning in the condition notes that it’s a different edition. If you list the exact book with the exact ISBN, a potential moocher knows and/or can research exactly what they’re getting. Saying “This is a different edition” leaves too many questions.
    But that’s just me.

  4. Karen L. said

    I totally agree about it being dishonest to list an older book as being a newer edition. I often look for specific editions of books. I would be really upset if I got an edition that I did not want because I was mislead.

  5. Rob said

    I can see how listing an older edition under the most popular Amazon edition can be seen as dishonest, but look at it this way: Adding those older editions clutters the BookMooch listings and forces moochers to decide between two listings (one with a picture and lots of info and one with next to nothing). Most of the time moochers just want a good copy of the book and don’t want to waste time comparing and contrasting different listings.

    And I agree, just saying “this is a different edition” is not enough. But it’s better than nothing. It’s a good idea to include the year the edition was published, the format and a description of the cover design. This way the moocher know EXACTLY what they are getting and thus cannot claim any dishonesty on your part.

  6. Ashley said

    Great suggestions! I am also a member of Paperback Swap and love using both sites. It can be hard to remember at times to remove books when someone requests them and I really am not happy about losing 1/10 of a point each time I remove a book on Bookmooch, but that’s how it works. lol

    I also love the idea about Worldwide shipping. I didn’t realize I’d get 3 points of shipping over seas. I quickly changed mine to ship small books!

  7. dodau said

    I always feel a little guilty about mooching from the same person several times. But you have it listed as a good thing to do. So maybe I shouldn’t feel so bad next time a book I want pops up with their name.

  8. Lynn (Lynnwords) said

    Yesterday I attempted to Bulk list my whole Wishlist onto my Save-for-later list, via:
    attempting to be a Power Moocher. Instead, I put my whole Wishlist on my Inventory. I wrote sorry notes and rejected the 70+ books I mis-listed, as advised by technical. I caused a hassle and many disappointments.

  9. Kelly Miller said

    I love this article–I hope lots of people read it and relieve some of my frustrations with certain participants that don’t send my books for ages or don’t acknowledge that they’ve received my books months after they’ve been sent. Perhaps using the save for later list will help the process for those that want to take a break or are on vacation. I learned about keeping my inventory fat (pick up free books~excellent) and will now consider going international (a shame its so expensive!!!)

  10. koshermal said

    Why are deleting books being requested, Ashley?

  11. June Whitehead said

    So, now I have my wish list moved to ‘later’ is that right?

  12. Richard Mark said

    Each time I try to fill out the available books I own to give away it goes to a page stating that I must first verify my URL & email address before I can access the list. What is this? I can’t believe the problems I’m having with this program.

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