BookMooch Angel Network

July 20, 2007

Debra Readman writes to tell me about the BookMooch Angel network, which is a project to help a person get a book they want to their country, when the person who owns the book isn’t willing to send it outside of their country. An “angel” acts as an intermediary. What a great idea!

The BookMoock wiki has a page for the Angel Network and explains how to use it.

Here is what the Wiki says the Angel Network does:

Is there a book on BookMooch you really want but the book owner is in another country and only sends within their country? Don’t fret, help is available through the BookMooch Angel Network!
The BookMooch Angel Network involves the connection of two members in the BookMooch community. The first is the “Person In Need” of help in the form of the BookMooch Angel, who will be called the “PIN” and the second is the “Angel” who is willing to help international members of BookMooch get the books they want.

And I love the winged-mooch-alien graphic they made!

10 Responses to “BookMooch Angel Network”

  1. dolphinlover said

    sounds like an awesome idea. Wonderful creation by a very unselfish group of people. I havent tried this but now that I know about it and what is does, I will surely try it out. Thanks for opening this way of getting books that we thought were out of our reach!

  2. Zjanette said

    So how does one become an Angel? I would like to be an Angel in The Netherlands. Or in Europe.

  3. hi, id love to be a bookmooch angel…im living in ireland…how do i become one?

  4. Margot said

    Click on the link to the wiki in John’s post for instructions.

  5. Zjanette said

    @Margot. I did that and I have send a mail but no answer. Maybe they don’t need Angels anymore. Or just not one in The Netherlands.

  6. Snowwfoxx said

    I emailed my info also and got no reply. I am in Texas. Are they not accepting Angels anymore? Do you get a reply when you are added to the Angel list?


  7. Snowwfoxx said

    Ok, I just clicked on the Angel list from the Wiki link and found that Zjanette and I are both listed. So I guess they don’t send out email letting you know you have been added to the list. I wish they did so you would know you can then get the logo to put on your profile.


  8. Karen Lynch said

    I would like to become a UK angel

  9. […] the BM Angels graphic, it’s a great example of what a creative commons license on artwork can enable (re-use, new […]

  10. I read about from a YES! Magazine in an interview with a morning news show host Lyn Ching-Pascual. I registered that next day. Although I have some old books I would like share and post it there when I can. I’ll just have to dig deeper under my bed though.
    I’m the kind of person who prefers to find books and buy at the Booksales. I thing the most expensive book I have is “The Corporate Blogging” by Debbie Weil. I couldn’t resist not to buy it.
    I though I should register my magazines and comics too. Is that ok?

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