Kosovo book charity very happy

August 22, 2007

BlackbirdbooksI received this very nice testimonial this morning from Blackbird books, a charity on BookMooch:

This is Tony from Blackbird Books in Kosovo. I just wanted to write and thank you for setting us up as a charity, and also express my appreciation to the whole community there for the additional points we keep receiving.

It’s really a very heartwarming thing to get up in the morning and find that some stranger has sent us the credit necessary to get another book. Right now the Bookmooch community is responsible for a respectable percentage of our entire library goal.

I know it might not seem like a lot to donate a couple of virtual points in this way, but it really does mean a lot for our project, and we continue to be really amazed at how giving everyone is being – I think it’s a testimonial to the kind of folks that have joined your online community.

To give directly to this charity, click here.

PrisonbookprojectAnother charity, the Prison Book Project has been making good use of BookMooch, and so far has obtained 330 books from the BookMooch community.

Claudine from the Prison Book Project wrote me recently to say:
BookMooch is wonderful. Oftentimes those we mooch from return the points to us; others just come through with gifts between one and 20 points whether we’ve mooched from them or not.

I just gave them another 100 points, and if you like the work they’re doing, click here to give them points.

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