More speed = More use

August 24, 2007

The speed up of the BookMooch web site has greatly increased the use people are making of it. Below are some metrics.

The most dramatic change is in the number of new members per day. This is a chart of the past 30 days:


The net number of books added per day to the system is now a positive of 5000 books per day, whereas previously it was often a net-gain of zero. Books from people who are no longer using the system (ie, they are put on vacation) are removed from the totals on this chart. This chart shows 140 days, so I can see the long term trends. Notice the huge drop in the number of books occurred when the “put someone else on vacation if they don’t respond to your mooch requests” feature was added, which really cleaned up the database.


As far as the daily number of mooches, a bug prevented me from getting that number for a 3 month period, so this chart is actually showing 29 days of no growth, back in May, but now you can see that there are 60% more mooches per day than 3 months ago.

Yesterday, there were 1700 books mooched!


So that’s where BookMooch stands at the end of its first year!

14 Responses to “More speed = More use”

  1. Equiano said

    Thanks, John. Where would all of us be without your genius idea?! Happy Bookmooch birthday!

  2. Greg said

    Is it really only a year since the site launched? I haven’t been here nearly that long but you’ve created such an amazing site that is growing so fast and tops every other book swapping site! In one year!

  3. Darkcloak - Ed said

    Totally unbelievable. This site is bound to change the thinking of many. It’s like standing in a group of almost countless friends, and saying. I have a book, a book of words, thought and ideas. It’s yours, just ask.

  4. Ben said

    I came back to the site after being away for a while. The speed is a huge improvement, you did a great job! It’s no wonder people are using it more, I’m sure I will, too.

  5. Luis said

    This success is the result of your continuous improvement you make. Thanks and keep doing such a great work!

  6. Mark Williams said

    If you build it they will come….

    I know I had a few friends waiting to sign up until the recent outages had ended, so there was probably a bit of pent-up demand being released in addition to the overall steady rise in use.

    When I moved my trading group here we reviewed the other trading sites and voted for Bookmooch hands down: The international dimension, lack of overly officious rules, and most importantly, the great community spirit, all make Bookmooch unique!

  7. Hope said

    Wow! Thank you for creating this site; I’m really enjoying my time here.

    When I first joined the website I noticed that the site was very quick (and unencumbered by bells and whistles), which was refreshing as I am on a dialup connection, and these days I notice a lot of very heavy, slow loading websites that are intended for broadband users.

    I really like the international dimension. Books are published all over the world, but not necessarily in every country, so it is really nice to be able to get a book that isn’t normally available, or is prohibitively expensive to import.

    This site is really simple to use; the rules are easy to remember, comprehensible and do not leave me feeling petrified of making an honest mistake. I love the artwork too – it makes BookMooch friendly, welcoming and conveys that people care for books.

    Happy Birthday and thank you so much!

  8. dubaireader said

    I cannot believe this site is only a year old!!

    I’ve swapped on UK based sites, but living in Dubai, this is hands-down the best for me.

    I’ve had such fun on here since Feb and now swap regularly with some fantastic people.

    The introduction of ‘Angels’ has also solved many of my problems and I have my own friendly Angel in the US, which is fantastic!

    Many many thanks.

  9. As one of those new members showing up on your chart, I’d like to join in the chorus of thanks and happy birthday wishes — what a wonderful, friendly community! I’ve been here less than a week and I’ve already found homes for many orphan books that I’ve been hauling around for years, unwilling to throw them out, and have been able to mooch some much-wanted titles in return. What a delight to have access to a worldwide community of others who are so passionate about books and generous in sharing them!

  10. Heather said

    Wow, I had no idea this wonderful site was only a year old! Bravo for doing so much in so little time!

  11. Dan T. said

    Congratulations and thank you. I am curious, how many people use Bookmooch?

  12. Michael said

    John — In addition to your excellent work constructing and improving Bookmooch, I think that her success so far can be largely attributed to a few important factors, to wit:

    1. The site is simple, well-organized, and free of the stupid distractions (e.g., Flash graphics, banner advertisements, multiple layers of “navigation”) that clutter many other web sites and make them unusable;

    2. The community has some basic rules of conduct, but not “classes” — that is to say, there is no “premium” vs. “free” account distinctions, and everyone plays on a level field. This has helped minimize abuse, and fostered a remarkably friendly community among us users;

    3. You have remained actively — and interactively — involved in the support and maintenance of the site. You’ve enthusiastically embraced ideas from your users, and not delegated support to others whose motivation to care arises out of a paycheque rather than an ideal. (That said, I do hope that you are healthily rewarded for your efforts in this regard — you deserve it).

    I wish that your sensibilities about design and implementation would pervade more of the web. Some might argue that these ideas would not work for a commercial venture, but I disagree — online commerce does not have to inhere in forcing customers to whore out our time and attention for the petty accumulation of ad-revenue statistics.

    Thanks, once again, for sharing a great idea with us all.

  13. Brian said

    So that’s why I had so many books to send this morning!

  14. Ellen (pitbullrescuer) said

    John, thank you so very much for all your hard work! Happy BookMooch anniversary!!! I feel like I EARN the wonderful books that come to me –feels less greedy and WONDERFUL to send books away and give points to folks who might not otherwise have books. Previously, I gave books I couldn’t sell on Amazon to the thrift shop, but it feels so much better to send a book to a home where you know it’s wanted. This site really appeals to my thriftiness and my emotional attachment to books, and I am very grateful. Ellen

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