Interview of me in Keene Free Press

August 25, 2007


A longish interview of me appeared today in the Keene Free Press.

Read it here

2 Responses to “Interview of me in Keene Free Press”

  1. Bertie Frint said

    The article was too short, unless there was a page two that I couldn’t retrieve. The last section I read was about Magnatude, which left me wanting to know more, so I need to find your website. Perhaps I’ve missed discussions about it in your forum.

    Bookmooch makes me want to log in daily just to see who’s requesting a book. Then the fun begins: what book is it, where will it be sent, will there be more than just a “received” message upon receipt.

    Thank you so much for creating just a fantastic interactive experience!!!

  2. Emmay Ferdinand said


    I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed reading this article, and even more importantly, I am very glad that you decided to create I had a similar experience while in England last month, so I can understand your intentions.

    You may not hear this often (but then again, maybe you do, I don’t know), but you’re creation really makes a difference in people’s lives- having a place to get free books is something really specials to bibliophiles like me. So thank you very much.

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