Save-for-later link moved, main menu change

August 30, 2007

Another small tweak. The link from your name in the main member menu now links to your public bio page. Previously, it linked to the “edit your profile” page.


The reason for this change was to put more commonly needed menu items on your bio page, and thus easier to get to.

For example, I added a “Save for later: XX” statistic, which is only displayed for your bio page (save-for-later is considered confidential)


Clicking on that link brings you to your “save for later” page. That also enabled me to get rid of the “save for later” button that was on the top right, reducing clutter.

Speak of reducing clutter, I moved the “show inventory” button to the right of the inventory count, and shortened it to just “inventory” :


Now, on the top right there is only one button on your bio page, where there used to be 3:


I get a lot of complaints that the “log out” button is hard to find under “your membership”. I’ve been trying to find another good place to put it. One place I thought of is to the right of “your bio”, ie:


but I’m not sure anyone who is currently complaining will find that better. One reason I’m reticent to put it someplace prominent is that most people never need to use the feature. Either it’s your dedicated computer, or when you close the browser, you log out automatically. By putting a loud “LOG OUT” button, I’d make many people feel like they really need to log out, introduce fear and paranoia, and generally send bad vibes. Any thoughts on this… ? Besides, it seems that everyone who writes, is doing so to complain that they couldn’t find the “log out” feature, and that the placement in “your account” is stupid. Then again, those people now know where it is, so they can find it in the future, so perhaps there’s no problem.

4 Responses to “Save-for-later link moved, main menu change”

  1. Taneli T said

    Hmm. I’ve always thought that the public bio page was only the front for our account and the Member Home page is the real place where to do all the stuff to our accounts (add to inventory, view wishlist and save-for-later list etc.) but you seem to suggest that we should also be viewing the public bio page once in a while.

    Well, it’s now easier to edit the public bio, because the edit button is right there, so that’s good. And it’s always good to get rid of clutter.

    By the way, do you remember this suggestion I made in May concerning the reordering of the many buttons under “About BookMooch” and “Your Account” buttons:

    “The Member Home page ( ) could have another button called “Tools” or “Helpful tools” (or something like that) alongside “About BookMooch” and “Your account” buttons. You could then move “Widgets” button to that new Tools page, and also move the “Email address lookup”, “Moochbar” and “Email a member” buttons to that page (they are now in the “About BookMooch” page, which is kind of odd because in the strict sense they are not *about* BookMooch, they help using it) – and maybe even the “Forums” button should be there, as the forum is indeed a great tool and knowledge base.”

    Taneli T

  2. Amy said

    My biggest wish would be an easier way to navigate my history (or maybe it’s there and I just don’t know how to exploit it.) I use my received history as a way to relist books I’ve finished reading and don’t plan to keep. Right now I have to load a whole page of given books just to get the tab to go to the second page, where my received books list starts.

    I know this might not be the right place to put this, but another thing I haven’t been able to find/figure out on bookmooch is where to submit just this sort of suggestion.

    Love the service – as you can tell since my suggestion is to fix a problem you only get if you send and receive a lot of books.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. tudorpot said

    I’m new here and can’t quite figure out if I’m missing a feature or it doesn’t exist. Is there a search by genre ie historical romance, sci-fi, fantasy etc. ?
    also can you sort your lists by author or by genre?

  4. susan said

    What happened to the link to remove books from the wishlist? It’s not there now!

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