BookMooch down, an optimistic update

September 13, 2007

A status report, pretty good news:

Yesterday’s backup of the books seems to be mostly ok, and contains 698,000 books. The corrupted current database only has 73,000 books (almost 90% lost!), so this means that most of the book data should be intact, and only one day old.

The member’s backup also seems mostly ok, with 41,970 member, compared to yesterday’s backup of 41,384, so I’m not sure there is much data loss with the members info.

I should be able to restore most of the books from yesterday’s backup, re-associate everything with the current member data. I think a few dozen members may be corrupt in the current file, so I’ll repair those against the backup from yesterday, and if that fails, from a backup 5 days ago.

This is really fragile work, however, because if I make any mistakes I actually harm the data and it’s hard to fix when the server is back up and running (how do you deal with new stuff occuring vs older, maybe correct data?)

So, I think it’ll be tomorrow before the server goes up, because I want to do the best possible job, especially since any problems that still remain will need to be fixed by hand by either me, my volunteer admins, or you guys (on your own accounts).

15 Responses to “BookMooch down, an optimistic update”

  1. Jacob Cord said

    Thanks for all your hard work, John. I’m a Linux Sysadmin by trade, so I think I have some understanding of your troubles and wish you the best. If you come up with a better way to backup and restore live SQL tables I’d love to hear about it 🙂

    My wife and I love Bookmooch and appreciate all the time you put in developing, maintaining, improving, and fixing it.

  2. Bree said

    Thanks for your time, efforts, blood, sweat and tears, John. As a consumer of the site, I’m thrilled with the service that it provides and the fun of the hunt as I endlessly search down books. Hope that you can enjoy a little life balance as the volunteer administrator and brains behind the operation. If it goes down, it goes down, and it’ll be up whenever you’re able to get it up. Hope that other members of this great community that you’ve fostered echo my sentiments and support. Cheers!

  3. Niclas Hjerth said

    I’m going through bookmooch withdrawal 😦

    Good luck getting it all up and running soon.

  4. mamamavis said

    thanks for all your hard work and good luck getting it all working again. I love Bookmooch!

  5. Thanks for the good work. And thanks for posting updates on the blog.

  6. Heather said

    YAY for good news! I’m very glad you are keeping us updated about it, it makes the downtime much easier (at least for me).

  7. Michael said

    I’d like to second Jacob’s thanks, John! I know how tricky this work can be, so thank you too for taking such care. If you need any assistance that can be provided remotely, don’t hesitate to ask!

  8. Anne said

    I look forward to Bookmooch going back online. Maybe it was already there, but a Paypal link might be a good idea, once you get BM up and running again.

    I bet there’s some hardcore bookmoochers who’d be willing to part with a few dollars to donate. I LOVE Bookmooch and by the time you’re up and running again, I should have some more books to post.

    Someone I worked with once brought two tin cans and a piece of string to a company picnic, and gave it to the boss as a gift, in case the network went down one more time…

  9. Delania said

    So sorry for the difficulties you’ve had and thank you so so much for all the hard work you’ve put into this site. I’m having huge mooching withdrawl, my husband has threatened to tranq me if i don’t quit checking the site every 15 minutes. Good luck and thanks again!

  10. Dave A said

    Thanks for your efforts John. I’m also a programmer by trade so understand entirely the stress you’re going through!! In fact I had to deal with something similar just last week and took 2 days to piece data back together while users were still active.

    Good luck!

  11. pink said

    thank you for all the blood, sweat and tears you’ve put into bookmooch. give us a shout out if ever you need our help.

    good luck!

  12. Keri said

    *big hugs*

    *gives tea and bikkies*


  13. Sharon said

    Thanks for all your hard work. I don’t deal with IT issues, but I work closely with someone who does and I know it can be frustrating and delicate work.
    Thanks for taking the time to keep us all updated. This is one of the things that makes Bookmooch so special!
    Good luck and I look forward to mooching soon

  14. sue eggers said

    I love the bookmooch site. I’ve been going through withdrawal the last 2 days. What a GREAT service this has been for me and i’m sure countless others. This is the one place I can find the books I want and not have to pay a ransome to get them. I’m a librarian by trade and books, free ones at that, are the greatest.
    Good luck and hope we’re back up soon.

  15. Laura McKee said

    I have only recently joined and I am already an addict. I can’t even imagine what goes into running a site like bookmooch but honestly all the hard work you put into is just wonderful. A day or three is worth it for a site I enjoy as much as this.

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