BookMooch will be back up in about 12h

September 15, 2007

I’m running the last of the cleanup tasks now, and expect that this will be last thing to do before BookMooch goes up again. I think it’ll be about 12 hours from now.

In the end 27,000 books were “found” in this cleanup.

I was not able to rebuild the search from scratch in the alloted time. After running overnight, the rebuild was 1/4 finished, and I’m sure people are antsy. The search rebuild will occur in a week or two, when BookMooch moves to the new (64 bit Linux) server. Sorry!

2 Responses to “BookMooch will be back up in about 12h”

  1. Jeremy said

    sounds like you’ve had a nightmare week! Thanks for all your hard work.

  2. Woosang said

    I look forwards to this. Great work! It sounds like a real headache.. I assure you that we are patient people and thank you for all this hard work

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