Japanese characters finally to work on BookMooch

September 23, 2007

I’ve been taking a few days off from BookMooch to clear my head, and that’s been a good thing because it’s allowed me to fix some tough problems that my usually addled brain can’t solve.


1) Japanese character sets are finally working. If you search for something at amazon.co.jp on the current BookMooch search page, you’ll see a bunch of “noise” rather than Japanese character sets. I figured out what the problem was, two days ago, just working a bit after dinner. It took me only 30 minutes with a clear head! The funny thing is that I’ve worked on this for days without any success, so a holiday really can pay off.

2) the new 64bit server is about ready to be used. BookMooch is running fine on it, and it’s much much faster, from about 3 pages per second capacity on the current system, to about 125 pages per second on the new one. For those tech geeks out there, this is an 8 CPU XEON system, with 8GB of RAM, running Debian’s 64bit edition. In the next few days, BookMooch will move to this server. The problems were all relating to “64 bit-ness” with odd things crashing. I’ll do my best to make sure there are no problems, though it will mean BookMooch being down for a few hours in the middle of the (American) evening.

Update on Japanese support, as of October 2:

I’ve fixed a long-standing url problem with BookMooch, namely if you tried to search BookMooch or Amazon (via BookMooch) it wouldn’t work (there were these funny “$map” strings on the URL).

I’ve fixed this url problem, so searches of Amazon through BookMooch will now work:


I *think* this also means that full text searching in japanese will soon work on BookMooch, when I put the new version up. I quick test of BookMooch searching for 集英社 seems to work right:


Next up is a japanese native version of the BookMooch web interface, coming soon…


4 Responses to “Japanese characters finally to work on BookMooch”

  1. Gideon said

    Neat. The combination of replumbing and taking the Moores Law option of a faster box, should keep us out of slowdown for a while. Now, how about giving us the option of contributing to the cost of that big new server and BMs running costs? You remember “Never buy a book again!” – well that has worked for me, to the point where I never use Amazon and so the toolbar is moot. How about a Paypal donate button? Maybe you have considered that but judge that the mention of money would pollute the purity of it all. You’re the best judge of that for sure. But if you figure out a way, let us know. It’s not like I want to will you my house or anything, it’s more like “Hey what can I do to help this good thing keep going?” And John, otherwise you are keeping all the good karma for yourself 🙂

  2. “How about a Paypal donate button?”

    Thanks for the sweet offer, but really, I sold my previous company, so I’m ok for money: you need it more than me!

    Soon, I’ll have a new “tech support” section where members can help answer questions, and if you want to show your thanks for BookMooch, the best way will be to help answer questions from confused users!


  3. hakubi said

    Awesome. Now I can list a bunch of Japanese manga that I’ve got sitting in boxes.

  4. Selene said

    Great (^_^)~~~!
    Now my wishlist is a bit more readable =D

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