Better “related editions” data, thanks to OCLC WorldCat

October 3, 2007

The library information company OCLC contacted me recently about BookMooch using their WorldCat “related editions” database.

I’m happy to announce that BookMooch now subscribes to a full feed from OCLC and now our related editions feature works even better.

The link on related editions, such as this example, returns results from both LibraryThing and OCLC WorldCat.


In addition, there are now links on the bottom of the “related editions” page that go to LibraryThing and WorldCat, searching on the author name + book title, which often finds even more books.

Also, both those web sites provide all sorts of interesting information about the book, so it’s often useful to go to their web site to get more info.

7 Responses to “Better “related editions” data, thanks to OCLC WorldCat”

  1. Suzi said

    Does this impact the wishlists? Looking over my wishlist right now I’m getting a lot more ‘hits’ for certain books, but the related editions are much less accurate than before. For example, I have listed an illustrated children’s book called “Jesus” by Demi, and under ‘related editions’ it lists several different Bibles and other assorted Christian books that have nothing to do with the book I’m looking for.

    It’s also increased the load time for the ‘related editions’ part of the wishlist from about 30 seconds to going on 4 minutes now. (I was waiting for the page to load so I could have specific titles that were ‘matched’ to Demi’s book, but it’s taking too long.)

  2. Bill said

    I like the new feature offering other editions but noticed that the “Related editions currently unknown to BookMooch:” at the bottom of page dead ends the user.

    Why not format those links to and let the user get the harder to find items (formats, languages)from their libraries?



  3. Mary Jones said

    Thanks John, I use WorldCat frequently, and this will certainly help me.


  4. bertilak said

    This feature is now so slow that it times out without repainting the screen.

  5. David said

    While I appreciate your continued work on getting more accurate Related Editions, I’m not too happy with this latest change.

    It took 2:20 to get my WishList related editions, and similar for my SaveForLater. This is pretty important to me because, I don’t care what editions I get, and yet BookMooch does not send out notifications when related editions become available. I therefore check the pages at least daily to see if there’s anything I want to mooch. With this long load-time however it makes my checking fairly painful.

    One might suggest that I add related editions to my Wish- and SavedForLater lists, however this has a couple problems:
    1. When I do mooch a book, I have to remember to manually delete all of the related editions in my lists, and
    2. There’s no easy way (of which I am aware) for adding all related editions to my lists.

    Possible solutions are:
    1. Find some way to speed up the search
    2. Return the search to the old, less-accurate, source
    3. Allow users to opt for email notifications when related editions become available,
    4. Add features that add related editions to Wish- and SaveForLater lists, *and* removes them when a related book is mooched.

    Thanks for listening, and thanks for all your great work on BookMooch!

  6. re: slow speed

    It should only be slow the first time you go to the “wishlist related editions” page, and fast from then on. If this isn’t the case, let me know (with a comment on this blog)

    re: notifications & related editions

    Yes, I agree, notifications need to occur for related editions, and it’s on my todo list.

    re: “Related editions currently unknown to BookMooch:”

    I’ll automatically search amazon to fill those in, in the future (it’s on my todo)

  7. Whoops, the related editions feature seem slow every time now. That’s a bug, I’ll get it fixed by tomorrow.


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