New version of BookMooch up today

October 3, 2007

I put a new version of BookMooch up this morning, with a host of various changes

19 Responses to “New version of BookMooch up today”

  1. Rick said

    On, do you plan to add language categories? It would be nice to be able to browse through the Japanese titles available.

  2. fathima said

    hm. It’s strange, but I can’t seem to find any books on Amazon anymore. not even books that are there. I’ll enter a title in the search box – say, A Tale of Two Cities and get a beautifully long list of moochable books. But the Amazon search yields no results at all.
    A possible bug?

  3. Sherry said

    I’m having the same problem in adding books to my wishlist its saying no results at all

  4. Liz said

    I agree, I wanted to add a book to my inventory that I have found on but when I try to add it in the seach box here, the Amazon search yields no results.

  5. animlgrl said

    I found the same things as noted above…the ‘related editions’ is taking twice as long to load, and the Amazon search isn’t finding anything at all. If it’s not one thing, it’s another, right?

  6. Elizabeth said

    I’ve had the same problem with trying to look for books on Amazon.

  7. Jamie said

    Yeah, searching Amazon definitely appears to be broken. Well, it works if you search an ISBN, but not if you search a title. Fingers crossed for a quick resolution!

  8. brandi said


  9. Jim said

    What fathima is correct, I think there is some kind of bug there.

    On a different note, I just can’t say enough about this service. I suppose at some point there will be advertising or something to make it worthwhile for you to do all this, and that will be just fine!

    Thank you!


  10. I know about “related editions” being slow, and I’m going to fix that.

    I know about amazon searching not working right (it works if you only search for one word) and the fix for that will go up in about 16 hours.

    re: “do you plan to add language categories”

    They are already there, if you click on “location” in “browse”. However, you made me realize that this doesn’t make sense, so tomorrow, “Language” will be a link off the browse page.

  11. ANGELA said

    I love that searching under a topics category reveals a long list of titles now.

  12. Laura said

    Could you add a search feature for audiobooks? Would something as simple as “pages = 0” work?

  13. Helen Simer said

    I appreciate hints like “it works if you only search for one word.” The book I was trying to add was named ARTHUR & GEORGE. Only imagine the length of the list! But thanks.
    P.S. I,too, love BookMooch.

  14. Patrice Scott said

    When I finish the process to mooch a book it then ask for me to enter the text in the graphic except there are no graphics. The book I am trying to mooch has been removed from my wishlist but I have not received a confirmation email of a successful mooch. Is this just happening to me?

  15. Kerrie said

    you know what might be a nice feature to add – something we could print out and stick in the front of a book that says something like “mooched by…” so you can add your name and see where your book has travelled to. Might be fun 🙂

  16. Poobail said

    I see the news that you have a new version, but I don’t understand how I get to use it? Guess I’m not enough of a techie, is that it?

  17. Katie said

    What I would really like to see is alphabetizing the authors of the books so I can scroll through quickly to find the ones I’m interested in when I’m browsing, after I do a search. I know I’m new and definitely not comp-lit, but trying to find anthologies, or editors, or details — it’s a hassle. Espec for the visually compromised. It seems that if we have a database, there should be some way to sort the data for quick scanning to find what we might want to read, espec when we don’t have details and have to go looking for info on the various books. Thanks.

  18. Auri Ruela-Wolfe said

    Just found Book Mooch. Absolutely love the idea. Is there a place on the site that has a list of available books. Gee sure wish I had found this site before. Just got rid of 70-80 books by starting a sharing library at my workplace. The way I read, I should be up to that total in about 4 months. Thanks for a great website. Don’t know what the old site was like, so this one is just fine.

  19. Kim Jacobs said

    New to the site. Looks promising but…. I might be missing something, but surely there is a faster way to get to the authors I want than to have to scroll through each page. Getting to a book written by someone with a last name like Smith could take DAYS. No alphabet listed on the bottom of the page to take you to that letters – am I missing somthing?

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