Small RSS change for Google

October 3, 2007

Google seems to index the BookMooch RSS feeds, but Google doesn’t say that they are RSS feeds, so it’s confusing to users who click on the hits, for them to get an XML document, of an RSS feed.

For an example, search google for “william james” and note the 2nd and 3rd results below:


Also, the summary Google gives for the RSS feeds is pretty weak, often showing the bookmooch logo URL (i.e.: in the 2nd result below) rather than some text in it.

I’ve changed BM so that the title of all RSS feeds now start with “RSS” as in “RSS BookMooch inventory: John Buckman (UK)”. I also moved the BM logo url to the bottom of the XML, to try to get Google to show a more helpful summary.

Another small change is that dates are added to books in the RSS feeds, so wishlist and inventory feeds will now correctly show you just new results if you sort the feed by date. Also, the “author” field is filled in the RSS with the BM userid (for inventory and wishlist) or the search criteria (for search RSS feeds)

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