Smooching statistics

October 3, 2007

It’s been a little over a month since I added the “give a smooch” feature to BookMooch.

Today, I started charting the use of this feature. As of today, there is only one data point, so the chart won’t work until tomorrow (it needs 2 dots to draw a line). However, I can give you the smooch statistic as of today:

Members giving smooches
2007-10-03 = 92

Members receiving smooches
2007-10-03 = 412

Total number of smooches given
2007-10-03 = 618

What’s interesting to me is that a small number of members (92) are giving lots of smooches to lots of different people (412 different people) and some people are receiving multiple smooches, perhaps from different people.

I’m thinking of limiting the smooching to no more than one smooch to that person per week. In other words, if you want to smooch the same person again, you’ll need to wait a week before you do. That’s really just to stop potential abuse of the smooch feature, and I hope it shouldn’t impact any normal use of it.

I’m happy to see the smooching being used!

In other smooching news, you can now see, in your bio, a link to the smooches you have given. Only you can see this link:


this then leads to a page showing all the smooches you’ve given, the note you left, and whether it was an anonymous smooch.


I decided to not let others see the smooches you have given, though I suppose there might not be any harm in showing non-anonymous smooches you’ve given.

The reason I decided to not show others the smooches you’ve given, is because:
– should the total number of smooches given in your bio include the anonymous smooches?
– If so, then that makes it easier for people receiving a smooch to figure out if you might be the one who gave it to them.
– If I don’t total it, then that’s confusing to the giver if they’re looking at the page w/o having logged in, because the number isn’t right.

But, I could be convinced to change my mind and show non-anonymous smooches given.

7 Responses to “Smooching statistics”

  1. Esther said

    I would not mind my smooches given being visible (I was one of the 92, I gave a smooch to an Angel).

    Maybe you could let others see just the non-anonymous smooches, and label it as such.
    Then when I’m logged in, I would see:
    Smooches given: 1
    Of which non-anonymous: 1

    And when I’m not logged in, I would see:
    Non-anonymous smooches given: 1
    That way, you don’t get confusion and the anonymous smooches remain truly anonymous.

    And what kind of abuse of the smooch feature are you afraid of? I just can’t think of anything.

  2. Debra said

    Thanks for the statistics, John. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Maybe show just the total number of smooches someone has given, but not have a clickable link? So that people can see how many smooches someone has given, but not any details or who they were to. I think that would be good.


  3. Carol said

    As a newby, I would love to know….what is “smooching”.
    Thanks in advance

  4. Helen Simer said

    I’m with Carol….I’d like to know what smooches are. When I searched for an explanation, I got one reply from Wiki concerning a Limerick contest. Nothing more. Are you doing this behind Wiki’s back?

  5. Marina said

    For Carol and Helen.

    This is the old blog entry about ‘smoochs’ (previously named’secret admirer’).

    In short, ‘smooching’ it is the option to give someone a point (in anonymous or open form) in appreciation of kindness.

  6. Laura said

    Hi! I personally would WANT to know who smooched me! Just because it would be uncomfortable to recieve an anonymous smooch. I did smooch one person and made sure she knew it was me so she wouldn’t freak out. I don’t know if other women feel the same way I do, but an anonymous smooch just gives me the eebie jeebies!

  7. Sophie Kennedy said

    I’m one of the ‘excessive’ smoochers…my sister and I have a thing going where we both list books and share the points. I’ve listed a stack lately, so she’s got about 8 smooches from me. But is that a problem? I know I could charity them instead, it’s just that ‘charity’ smacks of…well…charity, and ‘smooch’ is such a happy term ๐Ÿ™‚

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