“Tell a friend” feature

October 4, 2007

Ever since BookMooch launched a year ago, I’ve been hearing requests for a feature to make it easy to tell your friends about BookMooch, to try to get them to join. I initially resisted seeing the need for this, since you can just send an email, but enough people have asked for it, and it’s so common on the Internet that BookMooch really needs to have it.

As of today, in the “about” menu (you have to be logged in), you’ll see a new choice:


this brings up a simple form, with a pre-filled subject and body for your email message. You are free to modify the message as you like, and the default message is translated to your language if you’re not using BM in English.


you can only send one email message at a time (to prevent abuse) but it’s easy to send a message to several friends, because the next page tells you the message was sent, and presents the same email tell-a-friend form, preserving the subject and body that you had in the previous message:


Note the subtle change in text, ie the button being “send email to another friend” and “another friend’s email address:”

Anyhow, a very simple feature, now I can finally take it off my to-do list (grin)


7 Responses to ““Tell a friend” feature”

  1. Patricia said

    A simple but wonderful feature! I love that it already has my name at the end and a link to my BookMooch bio! Thanks, John!

  2. Spring said

    John, I didn’t know Book Mooch has only been around a year! I love this place and am so glad a friend told me. I’ve told many friends, a new one this week so this feature may be a good thing. You’re so good! Thanks for every thing and especially that bookmooch is running so fast now! Love it. It’s expanded my life in so many ways.

  3. Heather said

    Spring, I just recently realized that BM had only been up a year, also. It’s amazing how big and wonderful this site is, and even more amazing when you know it’s only been around a year!

    I love this new feature, and I love that it has a link to my bio already in the message! Wonderful, John!

  4. gemmas said

    Great feature. I always tell my friends about it now I can just forward them an email!

  5. dawn said

    This is a great new feature! I discovered Bookmooch a couple of months ago through StumbleUpon.com, and since then I have told so many friends! It certainly caused a lot of interest at my book club.
    The link to the members bio page is a great idea.
    Thanks for all your hard work John, it is much appreciated!

  6. miranda brattin (miranda2479) said

    I have only recently discovered your bookmooch site after seeing it in and advertisment in my all you magazine. It is a wonderful way to recycle old books and get new ones in return.So your saving the planet and making thousands of people happy,I think that is wonderful. The site is top notch as well, hope you and your wife are able to keep it up and running for a good long time.Thanks for connecting booklovers around the world and not charging a fee.

  7. Michael SilverWolf said

    Great Idea!

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