New features on BookMooch today

October 11, 2007

A few small feature updates and bug fixes today:

* allow removing book from wishlist/save-for-later/inventory from details page. When looking at a book details page, you’ll now see a button appear for “remove from inventory” “remove from save-for-later” and “remove from wishlist” when those are relevant.

– the “add to wishlist” and “add to inventory” buttons in the moochbar, and elsewhere, have been re-titled to put the important word in front. It’s bad grammar, but people occasionally click the wrong button so now you will see buttons occasionally like “wishlist add” and “inventory add” — hopefully this will have a small improvement on people clicking the right button.


– a rare problem where you couldn’t cancel a mooch that the other person wasn’t replying on, was fixed

– it’s possible for you to upload a photo of yourself and you don’t see it right away. This is because your web browser has cached it. I’m not seeing this too often, and I’m not sure I can do much about it, but the problem likely came out because I changed the way the user photos work, so that they’re about 200x faster to fetch. This is a prelude to having the ability to upload book covers to BM.

11 Responses to “New features on BookMooch today”

  1. n8ux said

    Thanks for all your continued work on these features and bug fixes. BookMooch continues to be an important biblioholism “fix” for me and my friends… Rich

  2. Heather said

    A fix? Heck, it’s a straight-out addiction for me! And I’ve only been a BMer for a few months!

    Seriously, thank you so much for all you do for BookMooch, John. I admit to complaining a lot lately about the wishlist debate, but all in all I love this place and can’t even imagine not being a part of it.

  3. Brandy said

    Oooooh! I can’t wait to be able to upload book covers!!!!!

  4. Hope said

    Fab! Thanks for making it slightly more difficult to press the wrong “add” button.

    I very much like the new buttons on the book detail page(s).

    Previously I’ve found it quite time consuming (that is, in page loading time – (long list + dialup)) to edit my save for later list when I’ve wanted to double check the details of the relevant books – it has been faster to load the books in another tab in Firefox, and then remove them from my save for later list in yet another tab. For each removal I would have to load the list twice – once to see the list, and once again to get back to the list to press “remove”. Now I can load it once, and use the “remove” button on the book detail page! 🙂 I’m very happy!

    Thanks so much!!

  5. Matt said

    Bookmooch has seriously changed the amount of books I read, and decreased the money I spend on said books. Thanks so much.

    However, when you mention things like uploading book covers, and I see people spending time adding reviews and such… it seems like wasted effort. Bookmooch is not meant to be a complete site filled with all the information I need to find books I want. There are countless other sites who will always have better updated listings and reviews. This isn’t a fault of Bookmooch – it’s just not Bookmooch’s purpose.

    So when it comes down to it, I guess I’d rather see the focus on features that affect/streamline mooching, rather than add to the database.

    Lastly (record comment lenght here) to counter my own arguement, I see the need for these features in the fact that it helps people know exactly which version of a book they are getting, and reviews might entice people to mooch a book that a title might not…

    What do I know, you’ve been doing a great job so far. Keep it up!

  6. Debra said

    I really love the new buttons on the detail page. Thanks John!!! 🙂

  7. Thank you so much for your continually work on BM. I really love the site and have found already a few hard to get books.
    Just today, as I hand-entered a few books I thought that I would really like to be able to upload the bookcover. I’m glad to hear that it’s already in the pipeline.

  8. steph said

    I love Bookmooch. This website is wonderful.

  9. lin said

    Brilliant idea, and webbie! I think it will be fantastic…….

  10. D. Jade Lacy said

    I really enjoy knowing that my books are going to people who want to read. At Goodwill they may just sit on a shelf. I’ve enjoyed reading them and I hope others will too.

  11. Evelyn MacPhee said

    I love Bookmooch beyond all reason.

    My postmaster smiles when he sees me coming since I am now and then sending things to strange and wonderful places. And I suspect him of being a booklover, too.

    In the bad old days, I got rid of books I had no more use for as follows:

    I had a “book give away” pile which friends and acquaintances could paw through and remove what looked good to them. The only rule was that they could not bring them back to me. Once the books were out of the house, they were someone else’s responsibility.

    I took them to a used book store to trade for credits or money. This was less satisfying than it ought to have been. It became an even less positive experience when I quit reading romance novels and stopped accepting cookbooks that were not exactly what I wanted and would use.

    I frequented library book sales and felt good about them in many places, large and small.

    I then discovered that a lot of places just saved the books in some dusty corner until the next book sale. For whatever reason, lonely books (?), this was not all right with me.

    Perhaps I ought to add here that I once threw myself between a friend and her dumpster when she said she was just going to throw away the piles of books in her living room.

    I stayed up all night that night and moved the endangered books into my room with the door closed. Throwing books away? Sacrilege!

    I believe these particular books eventually were given to the Vietnam Vets of America. I don’t know what happened to them next. I was hopeful.

    After one book sale in a Kansas university town, where it was practically the event of the fall season, one of the Friends of the Library got, through his church perhaps, the address of a school/community in the Phillipines which needed more books and boxed up the unsold books and sent them to that address in the Phillipines by media mail. This was paid for by the profits from the book sale, which were substantial.

    I always met the best people I didn’t usually see waiting in line to get into that book sale.

    Now I have Bookmooch. And I am very happy.

    I am among other things, a freecycler. Not too long ago, I took, sight unseen, several boxes worth of books. It turns out that they were from an ex-English literature major, like me.

    This means that I now have all the books I had to give away after college when I moved so often, back again, plus some I wished I had read.

    They are coming up to my apartment bagful by bagful from the trunk of my car, where they stayed while I was waiting for my new bookcases which were only two months late in arriving.

    They may yet appear on when I have had time to go through them and separate the ones I want to keep from the others.

    John, thank you for creating Bookmooch. It is one of my favorite new hobbies.

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