Multiple copies of a book

October 28, 2007

BookMooch now optionally allows you to have more than one copy of the same book.

To enable this optional feature (it defaults to “off”) go to your profile page, and toward the bottom you will see:


the “details” version of your inventory shows if you have more than one copy:


the normal (condensed) inventory page shows multiple copies of the same book in parentheses, after the title. Each time you click the “remove” button, one copy of the book is removed.


the “book details” page also shows this


When you add a book that already exists, the message now tells you how many copies you now have:


the “bulk add” page shows a similar, but terser, message:


it’s a bit weird, but if you go to mooch a book that is offered several times by someone, they appear several times. I think this is actually the right behavior, so that if there are different condition notes for each, you could pick the one you want. Also, the inventory details page will show (copies: 2) if you have one copy in inventory, and one in your pending pile, and then will show just one copy when you postal mail the copy in your pending pile.


Some limitations of this feature:

1) You cannot attach different “condition notes” to each copy of the book. The condition notes are automatically attached to the first copy of the book. I’ll make this work right in the future.

2) You cannot specify which copy you remove when you click the “remove” button. It removes the first copy you have.

3) There may be other other bugs with this feature, simply because it touches so many other features of BookMooch. Leave a comment on this blog entry if you see a bug.

3 Responses to “Multiple copies of a book”

  1. Heather19 said

    AWESOME!! This was one of the things that bugged me when I first entered a lot of my books, I have multiple copies of a lot of them. Thank you for this wonderful feature!!

  2. Leah said

    Fabulous improvement. Thanks again for all the hard work.

  3. […] you have enabled the “Allow multiple copies of the same book in your inventory” feature, and you indeed have multiple copies in your […]

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