Number of copies in search results

October 28, 2007

I’ve started tinkering with the search results page, to make it more help.

For starters, I now show the number of moochable copies for each book. I also sort the books in the same way books are sorted elsewhere: “author + book title”

These two changes make it easier to see the same book title in multiple editions, as well as to see how easy it is to get that book.


I also was playing with the idea of making searches default to finding all books, whether they are moochable or not. The reason, is that many people get confused when they search for a book, and nothing comes up, because no copies of the matching books are moochable.

Here is what he same search for “card” looks like if you should non-moochable books


That doesn’t seem very useful: all those “zero copies” books. So, for now, the default search hit will be for moochable books only. I think perhaps a “15 books were also found, but not displayed because they aren’t moochable [show>]” message might do the trick.

8 Responses to “Number of copies in search results”

  1. rachelsmdai said

    Thanks for this enhancement. Is there any chance that you can set things up so that the books in a list can be ordered by the “newest listed?” I search for books written in French, and there are MANY pages…If I could know what’s new, that would cut down on the review time. And of course, you have nothing but time to fiddle with all these ideas/nags/demands! 🙂 At any rate, I’m new to bookmooch and am happy little camper – thanks for all that you do and did to make this work. And…what are “friends?”

  2. Wilson Hurd said

    I like the original idea of “0” copies available the best. And Amazon would probably like a column that lists availability from them, along with the best Amazon price.

  3. rachelsmdai said

    And I’m back again to say that I’ve been trying to delete reccomedations…it’s really difficult to do so because each one must be done individually. Any chance of a check box so that multiples can be eliminated together?

  4. Gary said

    From my point of view, you should show non-moochable books in the search results so that I can add them to my wishlist. I don’t search for books that are moochable, I search for books I want to read. From my wish list I can easily see which books are moochable. What would be nice in the wish list is to see how many copies are available in your own country (looking for Harry Potter IV right now, there are lots available, but none in the US, which you can’t figure out without clicking on each version).

  5. Alan said

    It would be great to be able to get the unmoochable books for small searches or have an option. I often search on a title and get no results. The Amazon search seems to be a bit unreliable lately.

    Also, I would like to second the motion of allowing multiple deletes to wishlist and save-for-later. I, like many users, list many editions of a book to make sure I don’t miss some obscure edition. It’s definitely paid off, but it’s a pain to clean up my lists once I find a copy.

  6. Matt said

    I think you’re right John, than a giant list of books with zero availability is pointless. We are searching BookMooch for moochable books, not amazon’s cluttered database for endless results. If, as someone suggested, I was searching to add to my wishlist, I should be searching BookMooch first (it’s bad form to wishlist available books) and then, finding no results, use the conveniently located on that page “search amazon” to find the book to add to my wishlist. Thanks for the rash of rcent updates, John! Keep it up!

  7. blissful2beme said

    I like the idea of the “0” copies myself because if I am searching for a book and intend to add it to my wishlist if it is not available to mooch it would save me a step or two. Maybe there could be a check box next to the search box at the top of the page that allows us to check if we want the unmoochables shown.

    Thanks John for all you hard work!

  8. Kathy said


    I think you are right that a message stating “15 books were also found, but not displayed because they aren’t moochable [show>]” would do the trick b/c it would make people in both camps happy.

    People have mentioned before that it’d be nice to have some way to search books newly added to people’s inventory. I wanted to add that I also like that idea.


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