Coffee mugs

October 29, 2007

Bmmug Bmmug3 Bmmug2

Last year, I ordered a bunch of BookMooch coffee mugs for my friends.

They are really cute, with the inside color matching the aliens nicely. I didn’t put the words ‘BookMooch’ or a URL, or any text on them, because this way they’re more like “fashion mugs” than “advertising”. I do not make money from the sale of the mugs — that’s just not something I want to do.

Here is the URL to the mug

Last year, Zazzle ran a special promotion at the very last minute at the end of the year, lowering the per-mug price to $8.99 (regularly $14.95). I ordered mine on December 20th, 2006 — I’m assuming they had overstocked for xmas because they didn’t make a fuss about the temporarily much lower pricing. Not that you definitely will want to delay until then to buy a mug, but perhaps…

I made a white-background version of the BookMooch graphic, so that it would print well on mugs and other white objects. You can download it from and make your own products if you’re so inclined. There are tons of places on the web like zazzle and cafepress where you can make stuff and apply a graphic to it.

18 Responses to “Coffee mugs”

  1. Heather19 said

    Ohhhhhh! Can’t. Resist! Must. Have!

  2. Mikko said

    I’ve been using mine for morning tea (English Breakfast, with milk and (too much) sugar) ever since I got it. It’s gorgeous and the printing has survived well (I have been hand washing the mug, though).

  3. Sophie said

    Link doesn’t work, damnit!

  4. re: zazzle down

    They must have gotten overwhelmed by the flood of bookmooch mug orders, and crashed from the load.

    Seriously, it’s 3am right now in california, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is their planned weekly downtime. I can’t get in there now either, but it worked a few hours ago.


  5. M. said

    So that’s what those things are. Aliens. I had been wondering. So what’s the connection between aliens and book swapping? Or am I best not knowing?

  6. re: aliens

    I think that one is a cat, one is a rabbit, and one is an alien.

    But it’s just my opinion — the artist didn’t say.

    The Zazzle web site seems to be mostly working now.

  7. Sandra said

    And here I was thinking those cute creatures were book worms with funny faces. Now I have to change my whole way of thinking about them. Aliens? Cats? Rabbits? No, I definitely think they are bookworms. I even had names for them, Grub, Glow and Earth. I will pretend I never saw this blog about aliens. Never saw it….

  8. Helen Simer said

    The point of the cat and the rabbit and the alien is obvious: we may look different, but we all love to GET BOOKS.

  9. FergHova said

    Personally, I think you should put the URL on some of the stuff, help get this place out there, and why not use it to earn some cash? This site can’t be coming cheap. Believe me, I used to (and to some extent) still do fund/run websites.

  10. Caitlin said

    I live outside the US and have noticed that while some books might be available I can not mooch them. But I can not put them on my wishlist for a notice when an available copy appears. It might be a handy feature to have a wishlist option for books that might be available to some but not for you.

    The Angel network is great for that too but I thought I would suggest the idea. I am sure there are plenty of people constantly checking their saved for later lists to see if more copies have come up. πŸ™‚

    Great site though, regardless! Its an amazing concept and thanks for your hard work!

  11. Zjanette said

    I’ll make my own T-shirt, shoppingbag, bookmarks etc.etc. Thanks !

    Sometimes BM-ers add little BM cards to a book.
    How and where do they get those?

  12. BabyRoadnRunners said

    Ahhhh my two fave things… a good cup of coffee and a great book !!

    We make our own on most days, refering to the t-shirts and book marks. All you need is the right program and the BM picture, you can do almost anything with it.

    I even ran into a program that turns any picture in to a coloring page, the kids love those.

    Oh John if you are reading this post, we need more cards..we are almost out. Thanks

    Baby Road Runners

  13. April said

    Those are so cute… I hope they run that promotion again πŸ˜‰

  14. Abbie said

    If you are buying several items, it is worthwhile to google “coupon code zazzle” for various discount codes…most require at least a $50 purchase. Also, zazzle participates in the Upromise college savings program with 8% back. With all these deals, the mugs are practically free!

  15. Tim said

    Great idea, John!

    I whipped up a couple of quick ideas! Anybody have some suggested improvements?

  16. Jerome Moore said

    You all becareful before putting any money out. John and I arranged a deal last year for Bookmooch travel mugs. I’ve never sold one of them. They are still available on Just search for bookmooch or ASIN B000RL9SUA.
    if anyone is interested.


  17. Shauna said

    Oooh…I can add these to my Amazon and Kaboodle wishlists for Christmas!

  18. Naufan said

    It’s great design, Mr John
    And thank you for your information that many place where we can make stuff and apply a graphic like it.

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