More small stuff

October 31, 2007

Here’s a log of small stuff that was changed in BookMooch today:

If you have enabled the “Allow multiple copies of the same book in your inventory” feature, and you indeed have multiple copies in your inventory, you will now find, next to each book that you have multiple copies of, a button to “remove dupes”:


as well as, at the bottom of your inventory page, a “remove all dupe books” button:


hopefully, the functionality of these buttons is self-explanatory.

The “related editions” page now includes the edition you came from:


I did this so that for other sites linking right into the related editions page, people coming from those links will be able to see what book we’re showing related editions for.

You can now add a book to your wishlist from the book details page, even if the book is available for mooching.

Previously, you couldn’t, because I have this philosophy that you should only use the wishlist for books you can’t get.

However, if the book is only available in another country and you don’t want to spend the 2 points, in that case you would want to add the book to your wishlist, and that seems quite reasonable to me.

The “pending” and “inventory” and “wishlist” pages in the member section now require you to be logged in, in order to view them.

Previously, I had made it so that urls such as and and could be seen by non-members of BookMooch.

The problem was that sometimes people would bookmark this page, exit their browser, and when they came directly back to that page without logging in, BookMooch didn’t know who they were, assumed they were non-members, and didn’t display the information that is shown to a member. For example, your pending page would not display postal addresses if you were not logged in.

This definitely confused some people. The problem would go away if you clicked on “member home”, which forced you to log in.

What this tangibly means is that if you want to email someone your inventory or wishlist url, and they are not a bookmooch member, use the URL from the non-member section of the web site, ie the URLs that do *not* have /m/ in them. The equivalent pages are:

Member page Non-Member page

As you can see, the URLs are identical, except that the member versions start with /m

Unfortunately, I can’t automatically redirect non-members from the member version to the non-member version, because the server needs to challenge the web browser to produce a name/password, in order to log in. If the server doesn’t issue the challenge, the web browser won’t ask the user to log in.

This is a small thing, but “session management” on the web is a huge and difficult topic, and unfortunately there are always compromises.

7 Responses to “More small stuff”

  1. Cari said

    Thanks, I love the change that allows a direct wishlist add even if a copy is available. Even t hough BM is your baby, I’m grateful that you’re willing to make tweaks in line with how we use it even if it’s not necessarily how you envisioned it. Keep up the great work! (SKingList on BookMOoch)

  2. Peggy T said

    Thanks John!
    Hope its easier to “Tweak” with the new computer hardware BM is running on now.

  3. melissasyd said

    John, I love that the book above the removing duplicates button is ‘Case of Conscience’… at first glance I thought it was part of the button … if you’ve listed too many copies and you don’t really have them, relieve your conscience by removing dupes heh 🙂

  4. I appreciate this wishlist change too. Sometimes, when books I wanted were only available from members who’d only ship within their own countries, I would end up marking them as saved-for-later and *then* switching them to my wishlist one by one, to get around the old system. This will make those situations simpler. Thank you!

  5. Caitlin said

    Thank you so much for listening to my wishlist request!! Now I can go transfer some stuff over to my wishlist in case someone adds it that will ship out of country (or within my country) to me!

    I can not believe how awesome and fast you are! Thank you so much, I can’t tell you enough how amazing this site is!

  6. femmy said

    I too greatly appreciate the wishlist change! If I don’t mooch a book, it’s usually because I don’t have enough points yet.

  7. Kathy said

    Thanks for the change allowing us to add books to our wishlist even if they are available. Often, even if I am willing to spend the points, the person with the book might not be willing to mail it out of the country.

    Also, a lot of times I want books, and would immediately mooch them, but I want more books than I have points to get.

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