November 4, 2007

Some small tweaks:

Related edition notifications: in the email notification you get from your wishlist, when a related book is available, the email message subject and body now indicate that this is a related edition. Here are the changes:

Subject: BookMooch related edition on wishlist: “You Don’t Need Meat” : Peter Cox

A related edition of a book on your wishlist is now available on

To stop receiving email notifications, move this book to your

“Details” from Amazon: a “details” button appears on every book resulting from an Amazon search. Click this button, and you’ll see the full book details. In the background, this book has now also been permanently added to the BookMooch database, so this is also a handy way to tell a friend about a book and give them a BookMooch url. Also, clicking on the book cover graphic on all Amazon searches now goes to this detail page, whereas previously it would sometimes show you a large book cover, other times add the book to your inventory, which was confusing.

Amazon info button: previously, the “amazon info” button appeared on every book details page. On books that had been hand-entered, the button wouldn’t work right (since that book wasn’t at Amazon). Now, the “Amazon info” button doesn’t appear if the book was hand-entered.

Charitable mooching: the email notification you receive when a charity mooches from you now indicates that this is a verified bookmooch charity. Also, the email from a charity’s mooch no longer warns that they are “MOOCHING, NOT YET GIVING” since that’s ok for charities to do.

Look up an email address: the “look up a user from an email address” feature wasn’t working correctly for the members that had several email addresses entered into BookMooch (which you can do, if you use a comma between your email addresses)

Closed account backups: when an account is closed, BookMooch automatically backs up the inventory/wishlist/savelater/friends that closed member had, so that an admin can restore that data if the account was mistakenly closed.

11 Responses to “Tweaks”

  1. Michelle said

    Thanks for the related editions notification tweak. This will help heaps. The ability to opt out would still be preferred for some people. Maybe it could be added later?

    I also like the details button from Amazon search. I’ve been hoping for that feature for a long time.

    Thanks for listening!

  2. britne said

    Please, please, please, can we opt-out of the ‘related editions’ emails? Much of my wishlist is edition-specific… computer programming, design, business, etc. where a new edition contains much different information. I don’t care if the edition from 10 years ago is available if what I need is the current book.
    Please, let us opt out? This is a make-or-break for me…

  3. Aliera said

    Thanks for the related edition email tweak! Heck, thanks for all the hard work you do, period! ^o^

  4. Richard said

    Thanks a lot for being so responsive to suggestions. And thanks for Bookmoock, it’s great!

  5. Matthew said

    Thanks for all the great work you do, John. I can claim that bookmooch has changed my life as I’ve been inspired to begin a process of self-education by reading books from bookmooch.

    I do agree with Michelle’s comment above, in that it would be great to be able to opt out of related edition availability notification. I have a lot of books in my wishlist because I’m looking for certain editions with notes in or with an introduction by a certain person. I’ve deluged with notifications for books that I definitely will not mooch. I can live with it, but it takes some time to sort through all of the notificaitons.

    thanks again for all you do.


  6. Hasmita said

    Thanks for the related editions and other improvements, John. Useful and Bookmooch keeps getting better all the time.

  7. Maggie said

    I would also prefer some way to indicate for each wishlisted book whether or not I would be interested in related editions. OK, I admit it; I’m a little bit of a book snob. For some books that I really love and want forever; I prefer hardcover and I’m willing to wait for the edition I want. Other books I’m mooching for my kids to use in school; they much prefer the smallest, lightest weight paperback available. Then there are some books that someone in my household just wants to read and edition doesn’t really matter. So, I would like to be able to specify if I wanted to hear about related editions for each wishlisted book and not just set this globally for my entire wishlist. I’m not a programmer and have no idea how complicated this might be to implement…but that’s what would really be nice to have.

  8. Kai said

    Hi John,

    Thanks for the huge clean-up of BookMooch. Things are running much more smoothly now! I do have to agree with several others about the need for an opt-out of the “related editions” e-mails, especially since they don’t seem to always be labled as related editions. I’ve gotten several e-mails of “related editions” books which just had a header like a normal wishlist match (if that makes sense). I’m not sure if that’s another glitch or if some of the editions aren’t showing up correctly, but it is a little frustrating to go through 30 “related edition” e-mails a day on top of ones which appear to be actual matches but aren’t. As always, thanks for the great work and for taking the time to listen to us moochers! šŸ™‚

  9. Rob said

    Hey, love bookmooch, and thought I might make a suggestion for a tweak if it’s not too much of a big deal…

    I think it would be good to have a notes section attached to each book on your wishlist. You could put info like the day you listed it on your wishlist. This would be helpful in cases where it has never come up and probably won’t, so you can take it down and buy the book if you really want it. Also, I would like to leave a note for why I put a book on there- author, read about, recommended by someone I know, covers a certian topic well, ect… so months later when a book pops up as available I remember why I wanted it. Helps for people with long mooch lists.

    Love this site, these are just some suggestions that I thought might inprove the service. I know your busy, so no big deal either way…

  10. Caryn said

    I love the related edition tweak. This will clean up my wishlist substantially, but I understand why some would want to opt out. Please consider adding this as a feature, rather than going back to edition specific – as that will cause a lot of work for those of us deleting two-thirds of our huge wishlists! This will be a big help on the inventory-adding end of the process also, as the recommendation that books be added to the most recent edition with notations in “conditions details” stating actual edition doesn’t go over well with everybody. The related-edition feature will make it more convenient to enter the books under their actual editions ensuring both collectors and those looking for any copy are happy. (On a related note – are you aware that when entering inventory from the Library Thing website – the listing defaults to the most wishlisted edition?)

  11. mbett said

    I too would like some way to decide book by book whether to opt out of related edition notifications. For some books I’m looking for a specific edition.

    For example, there are many common children’s book that exist in many editions but I want the one with a specific illustrator. Sadly, those are the items on my wishlist that have ten or more related editions available at all times so I’ll be constantly getting emails for books I don’t want.

    On the other hand there are many hard to find books on my wishlist of which I would love to get my hands on any copy no matter what edition.

    I suppose that tweak takes much more work, though.

    Thanks again for all hard work you do. I do appreciate the related editions emails even if I do have to sift through them and delete the majority.

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