Some data loss, but stable for now

November 17, 2007

BookMooch came back up yesterday.

There was some data loss, namely 1/3rd of the members had to be restored from an 8 hour old backup, so their book transactions during that period were lost.

If you were effected by the data loss, please contact tech support and briefly explain your problem.

The good news is that in the two days of having BookMooch down, I changed the way the database works (this is for geeks only: using a “write-ahead transaction log”) and in theory, data loss from bugs should be a thing of the past.

This would be a good thing, so that a) my and my admins stress level can go down and b) I’m certain to introduce bugs in the future and when that happens there shouldn’t be any damage from it.

Note that right now I don’t have new books to BookMooch being added to the search engine, because I want BookMooch to be proven as reliable for several days, before I go mucking with it again. I’ll re-enable this when I’m confident there are no other problems.

10 Responses to “Some data loss, but stable for now”

  1. Zillah said

    Thanks again John!

  2. June said

    You’re a gem.

  3. mary said

    I missed ya… So glad bookmooch is back up!

  4. Heather19 said

    Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on it all! And yes, it’s very good that your stress will hopefully go down. We don’t need our lovely admin to be stressing out!

  5. Trish said

    You’re amazing John. Thanks so much for all you do!

  6. Helen Simer said

    We are so glad your back!

  7. Helen Simer said

    Sorry — it’s early here! What I meant was, We are so glad you’re back! (5:28 a.m., actually)

  8. Nanci said

    You said “before I go mucking with it again.”
    Maybe it would be best to just leave well enough alone for a while. Or maybe I should start backing up my lists & member page. 🙂

  9. rachelsmdai said

    Playing solitaire is nowhere as much fun as playing with BM. And doing all the things that I “should” do and avoid doing with BM are REALY not as much fun. Thanks for getting it back up.

  10. Elizabeth said

    Data loss is inevitable. Did Socrates say that? Thanks for the work you put towards this great service.

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