Article on BM at Green Right

December 3, 2007


A really well researched, thoughtful article about swapping/trading, with a strong focus on BookMooch, was published today at Green Right

I liked this quote:

Buckman laments the wastefulness of the book industry. “The depressing thought,” he says, “is that publishers want you to throw away a book once you have read it, simply because they only make money from new book sales. That’s a strong financial incentive for the book industry to be anti-ecological and pro-garbage-dump.”

Read it here:

One Response to “Article on BM at Green Right”

  1. Danielle said

    I used to work at a large chain bookstore and MMP books if we had a large quantity and they did not sell would get their cover stripped and thrown away.

    I always hoped someone would try and get them to at least recycle them.

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