A new Buckman project: tubeclan.com

January 21, 2008

My wife and I have started a new web site:


It’s a “best of youtube” web site, where you can sit and watch one fun thing after another, without having to sift through the junk. My wife and I take suggestions, watch them, and tag them so you can easily watch a single topic of videos (such as classical music, or satire)

I’m very much looking for suggestions of great youtube videos.

Please: email me with youtube urls that you think are amazing.

Not to worry, I’m still very much on BookMooch, this just seemed like a fun side project.

My wife blogged the launch:

she wrote:

YouTube is another of those internet phenomenons that comes along every few years.

John and I are always emailing each other and our friends (and vice versa) with links to great videos on YouTube. Sometimes when I go to YouTube for a particular video, the related videos are just as good. But more often they are not.

The common reaction to YouTube is “what a bunch of crap” and it is. That’s what’s so fabulous about it. Anyone can post their home-made video, no matter how bad it is. But many of them are great.

So, how do you find the great videos on YouTube? John had the idea to start a blog that embedded our favorite YouTube videos so they would all be together in one place. We brainstormed over some names and came up with:


John actually came up with that name. All the names I thought of weren’t available, wah. We started it about a week ago and have been collecting our favorite videos. We also welcome suggestions for videos and will include the ones we like in TubeClan.

We hope you enjoy watching these videos as much as we do.

15 Responses to “A new Buckman project: tubeclan.com”

  1. Ed said

    Absolutely brilliant. Now I can waste plenty of time without wading through YouTube.

    Merci beaucoup!

  2. I appreciate any resource that helps me find the best of the best. I look forward to sharing news of this little sideline project. Thanks!

  3. chris said

    Don’t have time or interest in watching tv: toomany books to read!

  4. Winna said

    i dont remember the link to a nice youtube video, but its title is No Pork. I find it hilarious.

  5. coridan said

    I appreciate the thought, but aren’t there already a ton of websites that do this? For example, Fark has a video tab where people submit urls. There’s also GorillaMask, etc., that are editor driven.

  6. Robin said

    Great. One more website to waste my time on when I should be working! But at least my time will be wasted more efficiently than searching You Tube myself!

  7. PB said

    Good idea, but is it better than StumbleUpon?

  8. rachelsmdai said

    As long as you don’t forget BookMooch – since I’m a pretty new discoverer, I would miss you too much!
    But congrats on the innovation/energy you and your wife share!

  9. KE said

    Hi John, yes I may be predjudiced but let me say that when I lived in New York I spent all my time on the Elephant Sanctuary website, now that
    I work at the Sanctuary, I spend my time on book
    mooch. You have totally improved my quality of
    life, I come from a literary world and have
    been fortunate enough to find a second passion in life. We were very late to youtube but are thrilled at the response. Anyway, thank you for what you do. K.

  10. barbara j. rios said

    So many books to read; too little time, too late smart.

  11. Megan said

    What a great idea! I’ve just checked it out for myself as I’ve tended to avoid youtube due to misconceptions. So when I had a look I found things on your site that had me laughing so much that I cried. Everyone else make sure you check out The Mean Kitty Song. It’s classic.

  12. Katie said

    Hi John, a fab idea. I have just sent you an email with two very funny links.

  13. yes, i say yes to this you two creatives.
    loved the two talking cats
    have you see the YouTube

    March of the Librarians

    it just might make your best of the best kudos for tubeclan

  14. Brian said

    Great idea guys! Keep ’em coming!

  15. Elizabeth said

    I think that it’s a great idea!

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