A top brand for 2008?

February 18, 2008

I just got off the phone with a journalist from The Independent.

Evidently an analyst at the branding firm “Wolff Olins” named BookMooch as one of the big 5 brands that will “go huge in 2008”, which is certainly flattering, and so we’re getting a story, appearing a week from wednesday.

The branding firm identified these trends (these are my quick notes from my phone call with them)

  • network effects
  • not just about buying
  • practical platforms for action
  • share knowledge
  • relationship more functional than emotional
  • networks growing out of consumer relationships
  • peer recommendations

    and these other sites were mentioned as exemplary:

  • openmoko
  • 100 dollar laptop (I assume they mean OLPC)
  • world 66 – online travel guide
  • zopa
  • lulu

    Shiva Color SmShiva Blue Sm
    The clincher was evidently the photo of me six-handed as “John, the Hindi god of book-giving”, which the journalist said was much more interesting than the executive photos everyone else has.

    I’m not sure which version (purple or natural) they’ll use.


  • 19 Responses to “A top brand for 2008?”

    1. Chris Gardner said

      No mention of LibraryThing?!

    2. Mark Williams said

      I hope they go with the first image — the purple one might be a little scary for children 🙂

      Sounds like a fantastic article and sure to bring in new members from the U.K., great!

    3. Tine said

      I think they should go with the purple! What a great concept photo!

    4. John, get on over to the US Patent and Trademark office and register that name and logo if you haven’t already :))

    5. alice said

      Excellent, congratgulations. I do hope it goes huge .

    6. Butch Heth said

      I kind of live in fear of all that fame brings with it. But, far be it from me to hold you back! We can all look back to when we knew John when he was a little two-armed guy in flesh tone. The purple adds the whole mysticism thing.

    7. amberlianne said

      Seriously, John, go register that right now! That is AWESOME!

    8. Jesse said

      Way to go! 😀 I never really would have thought of bookmooch as a brand… more like a community or an organization. It’s an interesting idea. I love the picture, too… haha! The purple one is kind of hard to see, though. 😛


    9. Nic said

      Hopefully it will bring in more UK members, so I can get rid of more books :o) Hopefully, you’ve noticed an upswing due to discussions on the BCUK (Bookcrossing UK) mailing list already

    10. Katie said

      Purple!!! I love the image. Hope I can get rid of some of my unwanted books now, with the extra influx of new members this should bring along. Good on you!!

    11. Margriet Maas said

      Congratulations! Well deserved too!

    12. Norberto said

      These are excellent news! I hope that the site can now keep up with the extra demand!

    13. Zjanette said

      First one is the best.
      But in The Netherlands you would get in trouble with a photo like that.
      It’s an insult to another religion.
      We have gone a little crazy on the subject over here.

    14. Nicole said

      Very good. I like the natural photo.

    15. Anna said

      If Ms. Magazine can do multi-armed, multi-tasking working mother, so can you, John. There’s nothing wrong with branding community; some of my friends do that for various forms of co-ops, co-housing, and intentional of several sorts. Congratulations on being tagged as a great “brand”.

    16. Lisa Carol said

      I very much like the first photo for everyday.

    17. Joe said

      Just tell us when you go public so we have a headstart on the stock offering!

    18. Eylon said

      Congrats! I really hope BM grows and that more and more books become available for mooching for more and more people.

      Hopefully with growth the focus will not shift away from books and excellent functionality.

    19. Julia said

      Six arms! No wonder you can write code so fast.

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