BookMooch Lottery

February 26, 2008

Lottery2Mikko Saari is running a 2nd BookMooch lottery, both because it’s fun and also because it raises money for charity.

The way it works is that you send points to the lottery account on BookMooch. Each “point” is one lottery ticket, and increases the odds of your winning.

Half the points gathered by the lottery account will go to 10 winners. The other half will go to charity.

When you donate a point, you also name your favorite charity, and that will effect which charities receive points from the lottery.

The lottery was first run in July 2007, and received over 500 points. Maybe it will be even bigger this time?

I love these spontaneous, self-organizing projects, like the Lottery, Angels, and the BM Journals.

More information about the BookMooch Lottery

19 Responses to “BookMooch Lottery”

  1. Erin C said

    Sounds like fun! I wasn’t here yet for the first one. I seen her message in the forum yesterday but didn’t know what the lottery was. I will definitely participate. Where do I look on the site to find the charities bookmooch sponsors?

    I love Bookmooch!
    Erin C NY

  2. Mikko said

    We’re definitely making a record here! The lottery has been online for less than a day and we already have over 280 points.

    If the pot is large, we’ll probably have more than 10 winners. The number of winners isn’t set and I’d certainly like to hand out few big 50 point pots, but also a large number of smaller 10 point pots to make more people happy =)

    Like the last time, all charities that receive over 20 votes (one point donated is one vote) will get a share of the charity donations, according to the proportion of votes they get.

  3. Sally Hadley said

    How very cool and fun. I was not here for the first one but would love to participate in this one.

    I love BookMooch !!!!


  4. Jackie N. said

    And here I sit with no points to spend….sigh.

  5. Amanda said

    Darn, and to think I just donated a bunch of points…maybe I can spare some more for such a great cause!

  6. Mike said

    Is this over? How long does it run?

  7. Nox said

    When I click on ‘charities’ bookmooch only displays 4 charities. But there must be more. Unless John writes an article about them I’m not aware of them and I can’t give them any points. Understand me well, the ones listed are good causes, it’s not that I don’t want to give to them, I just want the whole list to choose from.

  8. Marina said

    Nox and Erin,
    those you see after clicking the ‘charity’ button are *groupings* of charities.
    At the side of each one there is another ‘charities’ button,if you click it you’ll see a whole list of the charities that come under that heading.

  9. Lottie said

    I want to join in but I have no points. 😦 Must find a book to list!

  10. Debbie said

    The lottery runs until 1 April (click on the first link in John’s message for full info).

    Already more than 1200 points donated!

    I love Bookmooch! I have never had a pile of unread books before – the agony of choosing which to read next is delightful!

  11. jeanne said

    I have a idea or suggestion. I know there has to be more charity on here than whats on the page where you click to give a charity point away. Why not have a page where you can find all the charities and read a bio about them so that people on here would be more informed about them and give there unused credits to them, like what you did for Hercules Invictus. just a idea.

  12. Jim said

    Wow! We are not even halfway through March yet and already three times more points given than last year! Go Bookmooch!

  13. Caren Rich said

    This is a wonderful site. I just haven’t figured out how to use it. I have lots of books to donate.

  14. Matt Brown said

    Mikko I can’t believe the job you have done with this both times. I remember casually throwing out the suggestion on the boards a while back – but thats where it would have ended with me. It takes someone special to put this together like you have.

  15. Brenda said

    I would like to be a part of the Bookmooch Lottery. This is great !

    Brenda : )

  16. Melanie said

    Yes I want to be in lottery

  17. Kathleen Meyer said

    Hi there!
    Do I just let you know this way that I want to donate a point?

  18. Edie said

    Sounds great – where do I sign up?

  19. Sign up here:

    I think we’ll beat last time! There are already over 3,000 points in the lottery!

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