BookMooch reindexing

March 7, 2008

BookMooch is (once again) reindexing itself, so that search is working again, but returning partial results for a few hours until the reindex completes.

The good news is that this latest incarnation of the reindexer is a lot faster, so I expect it to complete in a few hours, and not the usual 2 days.


12 Responses to “BookMooch reindexing”

  1. Greg said

    I am watching the “Doctor Who” results grow! đŸ™‚

    There was only one result but I refreshed to find two!

  2. Greg said

    There are loads of results now – thanks so much!

  3. Dustin said

    During this process I was unable to access the website for a couple of hours and then when I could get back on all of the books that I was supposed to mail have disappeared. I don’t have the addresses or the books or any of the information anymore and I’m not sure what to do…

  4. Christine said

    Dustin, the blog post a couple of days ago on “Some data loss” suggested looking through points history to see if the lost mooches appear there. If they are listed and you have gotten points credit for their mooch, you could click on the moocher’s name, email them to explain what happened and get their address that way.

    There is also a link in that post to email BookMooch tech support, maybe they have a better suggestion. Good luck!!

  5. Mark Williams said

    Dustin may be among those (dozen or two) having lost more than just the last fours hours of data prior to the crash.

    But yes, do make a report, and we can communicate further.

    Mark W

  6. Many thanks for the hard work, updating the site and getting things on track again.

  7. Taneli T said

    Thanks for the reindexing. I found about 20 interesting books that I hadn’t seen in search results before. 12 of those I mooched immediately, and for the rest I’m waiting word from the book owner if it’s okay to mooch them.

  8. Leslie Radwan said

    are the points coming back soon?

  9. Dawn said

    I’ve loved finding books again.

    Unfortunately, the search only brings up one of the BookMooch Angel Network listings, even when I chose “show all”

    Thanks for making it all work so well.

  10. Alicia said

    I tried earlier today and again now (about 12 hours later) doing an advanced search for BMJournal. I used to get about 3 pages of results. Now I’m getting 7 results total.

    Mark mentioned a possible issue with hand-entered books. Perhaps journals and angel listings are not showing up because they are hand-entered?

  11. re: bmjournal

    Could it be that most of the journals are out on loan, and not available?

    Search for “bmjournal” and click “show all” and you get pages and pages of them…

  12. Alicia said

    I had been searching using those parameters and yesterday only got a few results. I just checked again this morning and I’m getting four pages.

    Thanks, John!

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