Pending mooches restored

March 9, 2008

Two days ago, I blogged about some data loss. Most of the problems related to pending mooches that vanished from your pending page.

To try to fix this, I wrote a program that audited the list of pending mooches, and checked to see if each person’s pending page was actually showing that mooch. See, I still had a record of the mooch, what I didn’t sometimes have was link to the sender/receiver.

I ran that program now, and want to share the results with you, in case you are one of the people who will find new pending mooches on your pending page. If you are, hopefully you’ll be happy to see the mooches restored.

If you’re confused about what to do, please email the tech support volunteers.

These people will find new things on their pending page, where they were the one receiving the book:

alcestis, amo, bcash222, bethyg1989, bibliofan, bill2828, bnord, clellybobus, coolboxuk, dav, girlcorrupted, greyowl, haji, hamjak, icequeen1968, irelandapaige, jackiefaniel, jeannamayles, jerster1470, jhmdtm, jinky_jo, karen4191, katpost, kewarn, ldantonio, ldelisi, lislueninghoener, marmitefiend, mattingly23, mawrteresque, mhekerr, miaspeople, micahcf, mrsauk, nan, philmontchick, pinnick, poindexter, rabbrady, rah126, ravenswing, rlacinak, rogers_68, rosie, samwise, sbussinger, scpdchris, sesenkhemet, simonsays056, slhastings, snofferol, srtoomey, stevenorman, strephon, sunfuzzy16, tammyf, terrilee, the1butterfly, theveryidea, tokemise, toomanybooks, tpoid3, veramarie, vetbeth

These people will find new things on their pending page, where they were the one sending the book:

adlymo, airycah, anitab, annamb57, annepants, artemis, ashleeallen, bibby, bookcycler, bookdragon2, bookrabbit, branwyn, brucefam, carlon, carolynmb, cassellie, clea, dellydo, denken, dlukenelson, drkbkguy, elexaish, esazama, espengisvold, evilove, fleur, flymamatofive, football, frogprincess, gann, gideonRogers, Gini, girlcorrupted, gremmymariestiffler, greyowl, grod220, haji, hamjak, hoosierbebe, icequeen1968, imissnewwave, Javamsanii, jdefore, jeannamayles, jenblower, jenn, jerster1470, jhmdtm, jinky_jo, jlhlinnell, jliv29, Joracaky, karen4191, katedempsey, katpost, kurt, laura0141, ldantonio, ldelisi, lisaj, lislueninghoener, lmurdock, locaboca, maggie4007, markwp, marmitefiend, mhekerr, miaspeople, micahcf, MissMac, mrsauk, nosikid, philmontchick, pinnick, rabbrady, rah126, ravenswing, rksager, rlacinak, rosie, samwise, sandie, sanjay, sbussinger, scouthayduke, sfree96, slhastings, slicky, snofferol, snowcrash751, sphinx, spstanley, srtoomey, strephon, szbarth, tammyf, terrilee, the1butterfly, theveryidea, tiffness83, tinytracey1970, tokemise, toomanybooks, tpoid3, txqtbrittnye, veramarie, vetbeth, VictoriaPL, wester, xhollyrose, yorshir, zvati, zwoolard

8 Responses to “Pending mooches restored”

  1. Becky K. said

    Thanks for fixing this John! Getting everyone to send me a reminder so I could mark books recieved via that link because they didn’t show up on my pending page was getting to be a real hassle.

    It’s much better now! 🙂

  2. Mary said

    Yay! My Pending page is back! Thank you so very much!

  3. Srtoomey (sheila R Toomey) said

    Thanks so much. I was worried I wasnt going to get my books or be able to tell those whom I sent books to that they were sent!


  4. Carol said

    Thank you so much, a couple of things popped up I had forgotten. Now I can do some more mooching!!!

  5. Christina said

    Thank you so much, John. Now I will know what books are still in the mail.


  6. Mark Williams said

    Some may notice that pendings were also restored from the data loss events last Fall. In many cases, we had previously settled these one-sided lack of pendings by making adjustments, so if the re-appearance of these books on your pending list necessitates a second adjustment, just drop us a note in tech support.

    Mark W
    Bookmooch Team

  7. kewarn said

    Everything is back to normal.

    Thank you!

  8. Judy Denning said

    Many thanks.

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