Small bug fixes

March 9, 2008

A number of small things were also fixed today, here is a list (this is only interesting to the hyper-detail-oriented nutcases like me)

  • The + symbol should work on email addresses of BM members, such as “” — the +xxxxx feature is a common one in email programs and serves as a “comment”, with the email actually being delivered to
  • the “force received” email notification was mentioning a two week wait before you’re allowed to force a book as received (in cases where the book sender isn’t responding). That wasn’t right, it’s actually 12 weeks.
  • The mooch rejection email notification wasn’t including the reason for the rejection in the notification to the moocher. That’s fixed.
  • If you reject a mooch, and indicate that the book should be deleted from your inventory so no-one else can mooch it, you lose the .1 points you had earned adding that book to your inventory. Previously, you didn’t lose the .1 points.
  • the “you’ve sent a reminder” email to the book owner you’re mooching from, had wrong email address – it gave a link to send yourself email, rather than sending to the book owner.
  • The country name is now displayed after each user name, rather than the abbreviated country name, for example: “from: meliza153 (Singapore), Ruthie (United Kingdom), Kate Simonian (Australia), Versavisa (United Kingdom)” – I found that many people were confused by the abbreviated names. Note that if a person is from the USA, their state is displayed, like this: “John Buckman (USA: CA)

16 Responses to “Small bug fixes”

  1. esther said

    About the forcing received:

    I thought the waiting time for forced received was 6 weeks, I’m pretty sure I have actually forced something received less than 12 weeks after the reminder. Has this been changed? When?

    Also, I would like it if answering a reminder would turn the force received off again, which I understood is not the case now.

  2. re: forced received

    You are right, force receive is permitted after 4 weeks inside the same country, but 12 weeks between countries. This hasn’t changed, I just fixed the one incorrect mention of it.

  3. KDelany said

    Thank you for these bug fixes, and all your work on BookMooch!

    Nice change to showing the country names in full.

    Any plans for adding province and territory codes to Canada? I would very much like to see those.

  4. esther said

    I’m still confused. In the forum, they always say six weeks until forcing, and I’m sure that with the one book I forced received there was no 12 weeks between reminder and forcing. And this mooch was international, as nearly all my mooches are.
    So, is it six or twelve weeks?

  5. Marianne said

    I am delighted to see the full country name, it saves me guessing if FI is Fiji or Finland!
    If you remind more than once, does the force-receive date automatically get moved on to 4 or 12 weeks from the date you reminded again? I sometimes can’t remember if I have already send a reminder (….usually I make a note on my spreadsheet….), and with the emails no longer stored, I can’t check.
    Thanks for all the hard work, John, we all really do appreciate it! I wish there was more we could do to show it.

  6. Aramada said

    John, it says 6 weeks on the Forced Received for domestic mooches, and that has been my experience when doing it.

    4 weeks is supposedly when the system will let you mark a book as “lost” as a receiver.


  7. June said

    How do I send a smooch please?

  8. Rena Rossner said

    Thank you soo much for changing the country codes to real names – I was constantly having people mistake (IL) for Illinois and not Israel!! Very very good change.

    – Rena

  9. Patricia said

    Excellent changes, John.

    But how about fixing this phrase also:

    “Requests of mine that been rejected”
    “Requests of mine that HAVE been rejected”?
    Or “WERE rejected”?

    I noticed it a long time ago on our History page but only remembered to tell you about this now.

    Thanks for all that you do.

    – Patricia 🙂

  10. Christina said

    Hi John
    I had to do a force received for the first time recently, and noticed that forcing increased my mooch ratio. It looks like while the book was in ‘sent’ it was still included in the calculation, but once I forced the receive, it was not. It’s not such a big deal to lose credit for sending 1 book, but it seems unclear why you’d ever force receive if you lose credit.
    thanks for all your work- bookmooch is awesome,

  11. Marianne said

    I just sent a reminder to someone in India (I’m in Australia) and the message said the Received button would appear in SIX weeks, so is that message wrong? When will that button really appear?

  12. amberlianne said

    Oh, wow, thank you for fixing the rejection notice thing. It was driving me nuts to have to log in and search around just to find those “the dog ate my book” excuses!

  13. Marie said

    Thanks for removing the country code and replacing it with the full country name!

  14. Marianne said

    Oooh, that “Postage” button on the Pending page is new, very handy! Thanks!

  15. Wordclay said

    Just to let you guys know, Wordclay bloggers just selected BookMooch as one of the 24 Best Writing/Book Communities to join at

    You guys are great!

    Keep up the good work!

    The Wordclay Team

  16. Aramada said

    I realized that my last post came across kind of snotty, and I so apologize for that. NOT intended at all.

    I just clicked on the Remind button for a domestic mooch and this was the message that came up:

    “After six weeks from today, a “received” button will appear in your “pending” list for this transaction. You will then be able to mark this book as received by them and remove it from your “pending list. This is useful if they are not answering their email.”

    Now, 6 weeks has been my experience on how long it takes for the “received” button to show up after sending a reminder. So is it going to stay at 6 weeks, or are you changing that to 4 weeks, as indicated by the above statement:”You are right, force receive is permitted after 4 weeks inside the same country,”? I’M SO CONFUSED. ::smiles::


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