Six arms to eat right

March 14, 2008

A few weeks ago, I reported on how The Independent Newspaper was running a story and including BookMooch because of the crazy photo of “John as the book-giving deity” that I had made up.

As fate would happen, I was walking to have lunch in London at branding-agency Wolff Olins (ironically, the people who got me the story in the Independent) and came across this poster a block from them:


which is eerily similar to my photo:

Shiva Color2-1

The area where I saw this poster is an immigrant neighborhood, and the poster is made by the government health service (NHS) so I’m guessing they’re making a respectful cultural allusion, as I was with my poster, and were very aware of what they were doing.

A while back, when I made my photo, I was very concerned that it might be mistaken as culturally insensitive. Now, I think that if the UK government thinks it’s ok, I’m probably safe.

And then on sunday I went to an utterly incomprehensible art exhibit titled at the Barbican London Centre titled “Martian Museum of Terrestrial Art”


The idea of which was that Martians have put on exhibit of significant (to them) human contemporary art, complete with explanatory cards that might be helpful to a Martian. The first exhibit was a suspended, gold-plated urinal.

At any rate, one of the better (?) pieces was this crazy alien Shiva sculpture, holding eyeballs.


I think this sculpture “one-upped” me on weirdness.

5 Responses to “Six arms to eat right”

  1. John,
    Hate to say this but I gotta go with the fruit lady!!! But your photo is quite okay with me if you’re into that eastern philosophy kinda stuff . . . . .
    Good stuff all around, but WHAT a coincidence for you to see that poster!!

  2. Seriously? Seriously? The same UK government who brought you things like this poster promoting surveillance?

  3. Hercules40 said

    Seriously? I think it’s kind of funny John. But you should probably demand some royalties. YOU cam up with the idea, didn’t you?

    You think only the British government has a surveillance program? …. that you know of? But that’s a different discussion!

  4. Katie said

    I love both six arms posters, but why oh why are we so afraid of offending other cultures / religions? What has the world come to if you can’t even display a copy of Winnie The Pooh because it has a character called Piglet in it, “which Muslims might take offense at”? This has actually happened in the UK, and I am wondering where it will all end.

    Sorry if my opinion is not popular or not “politically correct”.

  5. Ruth Karnowski said

    Yah!!! Exactly, where will this all end, and pretty soon we’ll be a world of people afraid to speak, or read, or write because it will offend *someone*. While I’m all for being sensitive, it has gotten quite out of hand.

    Just my two cents worth.


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