BookMooch changes

March 17, 2008

A new version of BookMooch went up today, with lots of small things fixed and changed, and a few bigger things.

Big changes

  • Wishlist notification emails – the wishlist emails have several new features. You can now opt out of notifications of related editions for a single book. Previously, it was all or nothing: either receive all related edition notification emails, or none. I particularly wanted this feature, because I have many Dilbert books on my wishlist, and I’m always being (mis) notified about other Dilbert books which have a few of the same comics in them, thus making them related editions, but not interesting to me.

    Secondly, the wishlist emails have been greatly simplified and come as an HTML email. If your email program can’t display HTML email, you will automatically see the older-style all-text message. Here is what the HTML message looks like.


    you can see that I’ve greatly simplified this message. The use of HTML was not to make the emails prettier or flashier, but rather to make them cleaner, more minimal, and remove all the visible URLs.

    I’ve also moved most of the links and options onto a page you get if you click “more options”. It looks like this:


    The related editions email has an extra line, and tells you the publisher of both the edition on your wishlist, and also the edition that is available. I did this because most frequently, I find that the publisher is what’s different between two editions, so it’s an easy way to see how the two books are related but different.


    The “more options” page for related-edition emails has quite a few more choices. I’m not entirely happy with the complexity of this page, but for now I’ll let it stand, as the options are all useful.


    n.b. this page was improved the next day thanks to member feedback.

  • Mooch notification emails – I also greatly simplified the email you receive when someone mooches from you, using HTML email (if you can’t display HTML email, the text version will display automatically). Here is what the new email looks like:


  • 2:1 mooch ratio – you must now maintain a ratio no worse than 2 books received for every book given. Note that sending internationally counts as 3 books in your ratio. This idea was vigorously discussion in November 2007, and the consensus was that a stricter enforced ratio would cut back on the few-but-annoying abuses which sometimes occur. The consensus also was that people who send books internationally should not be penalized by this ratio change, and that’s why in November a brand new way of calculating your mooch ratio was created and a new page at BM for showing it. In November, we found that around 98% of members were under the 3:1 ratio, and about 95% were under a 2:1 ratio, and that most of the members that were above the 2:1 ratio were currently inactive anyway. So, I don’t expect that this 2:1 ratio change will effect very many existing BookMooch members.

    Small changes

  • mooch this book button – I relabeled the “mooch this book” button on the book details page to be “get this book”. I made this change for a few reasons, a) many newcomers’ first impression of BM is a book details page, and if they don’t know the word “mooch” or how we mean it ironically, it’s confusing, and b) for non-American speakers, the word “mooch” doesn’t make a lot of sense in this context (“mooch” in British English means “to hang around”). I’m still using the word “mooch” this the sense of “get” elsewhere on the site, but I decided to gently introduce it. Also, I spaced the “get this book” button apart from the other buttons, as it’s the most important button on the page, and there are both many other options and they are not as important.


  • Sex and Linux – previously, if you searched for “Linux”, the #2 related search was “sex”. This was caused, quite correctly, by the fact that the same people who searched for “linux” did frequently search for books with “sex”. I thought this wasn’t a particularly helpful correlation to make, so now the top “sex” related searches aren’t correlated to any other search terms. n.b. : I’m reading a book about Google and other search companies, and evidently sex-related searches are about 12% of the use of Google, so naturally this presents a special case for algorithms which find similarities in a mathematical way.
  • Close & vacation swapped – I received an email complaint that the “close” button, being right next to the “log out” button, was very easy to mis-click, and caused this person anxiety. Yes, there’s another page after the close button, where you have to enter an author-name to proceed, but nonetheless it was worrying them–being so close to closing their BM account– that they wondered if I could change something. So, I made a very small change, swapping the position of the vacation and close buttons, so that not only is the vacation button right next to the close button now (so if you accidentally click it, the anxiety level is lower, since going on vacation is reversible) but the label text next to vacation is much shorter than the log out button label, so it’s easier to tell them apart


  • New 13 digit ISBNS – previously you could not hand-enter a book that used a 13 digit ISBN. This is now fixed.
  • Wishlist remove page jump – previously, if you removed a book from a secondary page on your wishlist, you would get moved back to the first page of your wishlist (which was annoying). This is now fixed.
  • rejected mooches in points log – when a mooch is rejected and the .1 point deducted from your points if you indicate the book should be removed, the person who requested the mooch is no longer mentioned in the points log, as this caused confusion for some members.
  • never giving, fixed – there was a weird case, where someone could join BookMooch, get lots of points by typing in books, and as long as they didn’t get any mooches, their ratio stayed at “zero” because “giving divided by receiving” would be an illogical number (you can’t divide by zero). If they got a mooch, then their ratio would start to make sense. The new way it works is that now you can mooch only one book, and no more, until you get at least one mooch request. In cases where you mooch a book, and have no-one asking you for a book, your ratio is immediately calculated as 10:1, so that no more mooching is allowed.
  • fixed width pages – all pages at BM now have a fixed screen width, which fits inside the width of the top-of-page navigation. Previously, many pages would widen with the browser, and I had done this on purpose, so that wider screens could display more data. However, I’ve since decided that this varying-page-width looks sloppy, so now everything is nice, neat and tight. (n.b. this has been changed back)
  • Country API – for programmers only, the “mooch” API call now requires a “country” field to be specified, which is the country where the book will be sent.
  • Delayed sending on points page – on the “explanation of your points” page, there was a line that said “Delayed sending: 0” that always appeared. This line was always zero, and made no sense, and was a mistake of mine. It’s been removed.
  • French emails better – I received a number of corrections to the French (translated) emails and applied them. If you are using BM in another language and get emails with translation mistakes, please email me corrected translations and I’ll apply them.
  • Mooch rejection – the mooch rejection email didn’t include the reason given for the rejection, now it does.

    That’s a lot of changes, mostly small, and I’ve tested quite a bit. But, if you see any bugs or problems with anything, please leave a comment on this blog entry.

  • 55 Responses to “BookMooch changes”

    1. Sharon said

      1. Opt out of notifications of related editions for a single book – That’s great! There have been some books where I only want one specific edition (eg. Hatchet (Piper edition) by Gary Paulsen). And I receive so many related edition wishlist notifications for that, and a few other regularly listed books on my wishlist, it’s not funny. I’m so glad I can undo the related editions for just one book! I’ll be choosing that for a lot of my wishlist!

      2. Ok, ratio’s changed, cool… I’m international and currently just over 0.9:1, fluctuating in the low 0.9’s. Most my mooching is of overseas books so I’m spending 2 points a lot (and always run out of points a lot! 😦 ). But it’s good I haven’t been at 2:1 or higher for ages, thanks to the international bonus points for sending books overseas.

      3. Good idea to space the ‘get this book/mooch’ button away from the others, as many people have mentioned they keep making mistakes.

      Great job on all the fixes!

      I kind of wish the text on my bio page wasn’t so narrow in the middle. πŸ™‚ Guess it’s because of the buttons on the right and block of text on the left, but still…

      Needs paying attention to: Ever since you changed the shadow on the images for book detail pages, many images aren’t showing up (or rather there’s a blank white square that becomes bigger when your cursor goes over the spot). I’ve seen it a LOT. To be honest, it was better before the shadow effect was changed… Is something being done to fix the problem? It also happens when the book is displayed in pending, and in the inventory details.

      Can you make it mandatory for people to say in their status whether they’re non-smoking or smoking, have pets or not? A lot of people have allergies to both, and a lot of people cannot stand the smell of smoke – I abhor the smell of smoke on books – and it would be so nice if everyone had this mentioned in their status, which would save so much time emailing (and often getting no response).

      Ask if not in your country for international mooches – is the book going to be put out of availability status – pending – until the ‘ask before mooching’ email is responded to? Thanks!

    2. Kristen said

      John, you rock so hard, my friend!

      Thanks for all you do.


    3. Sharon said

      The more options page for the related edition is kind of confusing, and when reading your post I was thinking oh, is there a button in the wishlist for each where I could choose no related editions for this particular book? So I can only do it if I receive a related edition email… Or there could be a button next to “Related to:…” in the email that says something like do not send related edition notifications for my wishlist edition (especially if I only have one edition listed).

      “No more email notifications about related books” is that for all books?

      “No more email notifications about this book” – ok so that’s just for the one related edition is it? What about if I just want to eliminate related editions for the particular edition I “have” on my wishlist, what do I press again? *confused*…

    4. Andrew said

      I really like the alternate-editions thing. Would it be possible to list the year as well as the publisher?

    5. winna said

      loads of new and useful changes.
      thank you!

    6. Rita said

      Thank you for all of your work on improving Bookmooch and its functionality. I’m quite happy with many of these modifications, especially the new 2:1 ratio, which has been discussed a lot but hadn’t been implemented yet.

      My problem, though, is mainly with the ‘fixed width pages’ modification. Things are too jumbled up, too close together, and book titles that used to occupy only one line now occupy two. I guess, to me it’s way too tight and not all that nice and neat. I’ll get used to it eventually but looking at my wishlist right now, I can’t help but wish the whole thing would widen a bit again.

    7. Matt said


      Did you also remove the “My Country” button from the search results page? It seemed like it was there, then gone. I liked that feature, although I’ll admit that i only discovered it recently.

      I look forward to checking out the other improvements.

    8. Laura said

      NOOOOOOOOOO! Bring back the mooch button!

    9. Matt said

      Oh, and I forgot to mention that I’m very glad you lowered the acceptable mooch ratio, and even more glad that you changed it to “you can only mooch one book” at the time of joining / listing books. I think those two changes would have curbed 80% of the abusive cases I’ve seen.

      There may still be a hole where a user lists a bunch of books, gets a lot of points, gives them as a gift (to another account of his own), then closes the original account, so you might want to check for that. Another similar case is where they accept a bunch of mooches, give away the points, then cancel the mooches. At the very least the number of points you can give away should be reduced by those from unconsummated mooches, and probably also by the size of one’s inventory * 0.1, to eliminate charitable gifts of points gained from inventory additions.

      As to the apparent correlation of sex and Linux, hmmm . . . there’s got to be a joke in there somewhere. Lonely sysops, late at night, perhaps.

    10. irisin said

      I’m glad about the jump after a “remove” being gone, but boy does my wishlist now look long – it’s a bit harder to read with the narrower format, with author names mostly first-above-last now!

    11. jess said

      Glad that the rejection reason is now in the email. That used to cause some confusion.

      Keep up the good work πŸ˜€

    12. MamaB said

      Wow! What a great list of small fixes. Thanks Jon!

    13. adamus said

      Ok, the mooch ratio is still confusing to me. That is, while I get it, (I think) I can see how it might make very little sense to newbies. Here is why.

      It seems, when you talk about ratio, you are referring to the real ratio: how many book out vs how many in.

      But this is not how the ‘mooch ratio’ is calculated. I get that. But many won’t.

      So, on my ‘Member Home’ page it says my ‘Mooch Ratio’ is 4:1. As a newbie, I might think that I’m in danger of getting booted.

      Now, if I go to my ratio page to see how that is calculated, it says:

      48 / 119 = 40%
      Mooch ratio: 0.4:1

      Explanation: 2.5 books given for each book received.

      Ok, that means I am well within the expected ration. I give more than two books for each book get.

      Why is this confusing? Because the same term, ‘mooch ratio’ is used for both. One may be thought of as a score but only one, the 2.5:1 is an actual ratio.

      Forgive me for being picky about this, especially with the incredible work you do, but when I saw it, to me, it looked like I was about to get the boot. If it confused me, I can’t be the only one.

      Also, the page size change. As a low-sighted user, I have my screen resolution quite low so I can see; it makes everything larger. The resizing makes the page jumbled and covers over some images.

      I can handle that. I rather used to it. But I just wanted to point out that is happening.

    14. Melissa said

      I love all the changes except the page width. I seems more crunched with info like author names stacked on top of each other.

    15. Helen Simer said

      Hello John,
      I want to tell you that I REALLy like the way you’ve explained things, including the segment of the pertinent page (even hand-drawn arrows! !) Very thoughtful changes and a presentation that shows you want us to understand.
      One thing: I expect you’ll find it hard to believe, but there are folks out here who don’t know what a “visible URL” IS. πŸ™‚

    16. Hi John,

      Thanks for continuously evolving and improving the BookMooch site. As a member this is very much appreciated.

      Joyous Journeys!


    17. Jamie said

      I have a suggestion for future fixes. I’m coming across users that show “on vacation” when in fact I think they might be suspended. It would be nice to get factual status on a user especially when I’m waiting forever for a book they supposedly shipped to me or is pending shipping to me.

    18. mel starrs said

      Thanks for all the changes.

      One thing that niggles me and I’m not sure how you would get around it, is when ‘inactive’ users have a book listed for months at a time which is either on my wishlist or save for later – would love a way to mark their book as one I’ve already decided not to mooch.

      Plus, on save for later it would be good if the ‘available for mooch’ only showed up if the giver was willing to send to my country – aften I get a sorry message.

      Sorry for all the wishes – that’s the problem with websites – there’s always just one more tweak to be made.

      Love Bookmooch by the way – even been using it whilst travelling abroad and putting lots of fellow travellers on to it…

    19. I have thoroughly enjoyed Bookmooch from day 1. Thank you for all the attention to detail. It makes a difference.

    20. john said

      The changes look good to me and the screen fixed width works fine on firefox

    21. Aliera said

      The 2:1 mooch ratio and the never giving bug fix are great improvements! There are hardly ever any scammers on BM, but it only takes a few to make a bad impression. This is a great way to cut down.

      Keep up the good work!

      (though personally i think the fixed width looks a little funny on widescreen monitors, but I can live with it ^^’)

    22. Aliera said

      Oh, and this might be a stupid question, but this doesn’t affect charities right? Since they don’t give away any books.

    23. Marika said

      Thanks for the great and useful changes – except one that really disturbs my eyes – the wishlist and inventory pages has been squeezed so much – can you bring it back to full screen? it’s really annoying this way 😦

    24. Myrna said

      As usual, all the changes are for the good of all. What a great site. I have given away a lot of books and gotten a lot of books because of you and all your work. Thanks again.

    25. Hi John,

      Thanks as always. We’re forever grateful!

      The mooch ratio didn’t used to show up for us because we are a charity and have never given away a book, but now it is in glaring red… is this just an oversight?

      Kind Regards,

      Stacey at AWCL

    26. jen said

      Just a response to an earlier comment that requested mandatory disclosure re: smoking and pets. On principle, I have to say that I am quite opposed to this idea.
      A.)It is kinda unreliable. I have books in my inventory which may have belonged to or been in a smoker/pet-friendly household at some point in the past and *i* may not be able to tell this with my less sensitive nose!

      B.) Why stop here? Do you wear perfume? What kind? I find musky scents very irritating. Shall we require people to post their hygiene habits?

      C.)My main point, really…Honestly, i find this idea intrusive. My lifestyle and habits are really not something I should have to post here on a mandatory basis. If it is essential for you to mooch only ‘pure’ books, I would say that it is incumbent on you as the moocher to ascertain this ahead of time. Send an email; if you are not happy with the response, then move on and don’t mooch that book. I am not, as you may be thinking, insensitive to those who have allergies and so on; I am asthmatic myself, and I have a family member who has chemical sensitivity. However, I am generally averse to the idea of limitless public disclosure over personal responsibility. Good communication on an individual level should take care of this.

    27. Aramada said

      I love 99% of this. I love love LOVE the ratio change and the “mooch one ’til ya give one” change. The customizable related edition emails and the simplified mooch and wishlist emails are great. The lack of bounceback between pages, FANTASTIC.

      The only thing I have to say I don’t like is the margin setting. It scrunches all the text into 3/4 of the page, making the Wishlist MUCH harder to read, and a lot longer to scroll through. I don’t think it makes the site look better; rather, I think it leaves the opposite impression.

      But the rest of it? Spot on!!!! Thanks so much for all of the work you put in.


    28. Bri said

      Please put the fixed width back the way it was. Everything is now all jammed up too close together and impossible to read. The text takes up half my screen and it is incredibly frustrating to read.

      I haven’t had to deal with other changes yet : )

    29. Ruth said

      A feature I’d like to see in the future is the ability to see books added in the last 24 hours, kind of in a running fashion, last added on top.

      I’d also like to have a way to generate a list of most wished for books.

      Thanks for all you do, Bookmooch is great!

    30. jeniwren said

      Hi John
      Just wanted to say that Bookmooch is just wonderful and keeps getting bigger and better. The whole concept is so efficient and just this morning I have had two wishlist hits so a happy mooch day for me. I love what you are doing and thanks for all your hard work in maintaining what has to be one of the most friendly book- related sites on the net.

    31. amberlianne said

      I concur with the above comments. Everything except the new page width is fantastic. I am concerned as to whether charities will be affected by the new mooch ratio. But the biggest thing is the page width. Not only does it look bad, it confuses my eyes… I don’t know if that’s at all understandable unless you have poor vision like me, but it makes my wishlist almost incomprehensible to me… I’ll have to relearn what/where everything is now. 😦

    32. Lilith said

      I would like to see something done about people who start up a new account, list a bunch of books they know people will mooch, and then mooch books using those points while never sending anything out. Perhaps it should be that users have to have a feedback score of at least +1 to be able to mooch books so that people stop abusing the system in this way? I have had multiple cases of this happening to me on one of the Harry Potter books, and frankly I’m sick of it.

      Good job on the changes you have already made!

    33. Elle said

      BookMooch just gets better and better!

      Thank you John and team for the continual improvements. I love all that you did today. The fixed-width pages look fine on my Mac (FireFox).

      Of course there is a request for one more thing. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE if you’d make a ‘logout’ available in the header of each page. It’s too cumbersome to have to make the 3-step process it is each time.

    34. […] 18, 2008 Thanks everyone for the extensive feedback on yesterday’s blog post, detailing all the changes I had made to […]

    35. Zillah said

      Ruth said

      “I’d also like to have a way to generate a list of most wished for books.”

      There is, it’s here:

    36. Leah said

      My only angst is that I have a fair number of points and try to keep my ratio in check but wonder how I can ever use up my points if I wanted to and maintain the ratio. The math doesn’t work. As you get tenths of points for notifying receipt of books and adding to inventory etc…. I feel as if I can’t use my points ultimately. Have I got this all wrong? thanks John. I am totally addicted to your site. Love it. Take care.

    37. meg said

      These are great changes. Thanks a million for a wonderful site.

    38. Carol Brandt said

      I am so addicted to BM! My husband and I are ready for our retirement coming up soon. I tell everyone about this neat site. However, no matter how much I strain my brain I can’t figure out this ratio thing..mine is 0.6:1. Am I good to go?
      Help. Thank you

    39. HI,

      Can you adjust the program so that if we get multiple mooches from the same person, as in if one person mooches 4 books from us, we can reply once to all four mooches?

      As it is, we need to go through the rather cumbersome and time-consuming process four separate times.

      The new improvements sound great; I look forward to using the “no related editions” on the wishlist.



    40. HI ,

      I checked the list of most wished for books.

      and found that Water for Elephants is on there twice, at #21 and #65. Great list tho’, I’d wondered that myself.


    41. Zillah said


      #21 is the hardback and #65 is the paperback πŸ™‚

    42. Mechanolatry said

      Just a suggestion- would it be possible to have a ‘print’ option for the wishlist? it would be a lot easier when your running out to go buy some books if you could print a simplified text version of your list.

    43. Superdave said

      I love Book Mooch!! And I think it is awesome the way you are always improving this site.

      One thing I have noticed is that when someone mooches a book from you, you choose one of several options under “tell us when you will send this book.” The problem I see is when the moocher receives the email saying the mooch was accepted, the same information appears under “estimated delivery time.” Since the majority of givers send their books via media mail, there is a great discrepancy between these two time frames. For example, if I tell my moocher that I will send the book out tomorrow, he receives the information that the estimated delivery will be tomorrow, when in fact it could be two weeks or more. Now, we all know we won’t get the book the next day, but when we are dealing in longer timeframes, it would be nice to be able to set expectations accordingly. Perhaps a simple change of wording like, “Estimated shipping date” would suffice? It just seems that the places that list the same information should use wording that corresponds a little more closely to each other.

      There’s my two cents on improvements. I think you are doing a fantastic job and I love spreading the word about BookMooch to all of my friends!

    44. Vic said

      Thank you ever so much for jazzing up the site abit – we love it ^_^

      PS. The majority of British folk here know the word ‘mooch’ to mean swiping something for free ;p

    45. jeanne said

      Glad to see the “mooch this book” back missed it while it was gone. My question would be and maybe this has been answered before and I missed it, but when are old accounts that are inactive going to be pulled so that we don’t have books on there that are not available. It what point do you pull a account 3months, 6months, one month just would like to know. Hate it when I find a book I really want only to find the person hasn’t been on here in 6 months! Please work on this if you can. jeanne

    46. craige said

      This might not be something that most people care about, but when I receive an email about a related edition being available, what I am really concerned about is if it is also a paperback edition. I don’t typically like to have hardcovers because they are too heavy to carry around in my bag. If this is something others care about, perhaps it would be useful to note in the email that the related edition is either hard or soft cover. Just a thought…

    47. Rebecca Bledsoe said

      John, looks like some really great changes. One day i might even be able to check some of them out! lol One suggestion I have is about the email me first thing when mooching from overseas. I recently had to reject a request because someone in canada followed the rules and actually asked before mooching. Someone of course got the book mooched before I could reply. If there was a hold button or something of the like that they could click to keep the book from being mooched out from under them, that would be great. It could be different from a mooch with no points exchanged until the mooch is accepted or confirmed. Just a suggestion. I know several people who have had a problem with this. Thanks for all the great things you do for us John! We love you for keeping us going so smooth!!

    48. jjmcgaffey said

      One more minor change that would clarify things for me – currently, on the Pending page, one label is “Books waiting to receive, which have not been sent”. This is actually books where the person mooched from has not accepted the mooch yet. If it was “Mooches waiting for acceptance” or “Books waiting to receive, mooch not yet accepted”, or (to match the next label) “Books to receive, not yet accepted by sender” it would be much clearer. Thanks!

    49. Bookbear said

      I’ve noticed a small error in my latest Mooch notification email – the address isn’t formatted correctly. The name of the person to send to is on the line directly after the Requestor link. Like this:

      A person from wants to send your book to them.

      Book to send: My Popular book (Author Name)

      Requestor: Somebody (USA: ST) Send to: Name

      Street Address
      City, State Zip

      Also, it would read better as:

      A member at has requested one of your books.

    50. irisin said

      Is it just me and my Firefox, or does the new wishlist alert have a glitch in that despite being logged in, it demands a seperate log-in (which does not open with my saved password as the usual log in does), no matter whether I click “get” or “more options” in the mail. Since the decluttering, which I had liked up until now *g* I can’t even see the URL to go there directly now.

    51. Lila Vultee said

      Help! I have just gone over my inventory wondering why some books have not been mooched and I think I have solved the mystery. Seems
      half of my books have bizarre listings under the
      topic entry…..i.e. a biography listed under
      photography, mysteries listed as 18th century
      literature. Can you please set it up so that the
      lister can designate the correct topic for the
      book listed? Thank you, Lila Vultee

    52. turjo said

      hai john. why i didn’t received my confirmation email??? but i already received my bookmooch account email

    53. Chip Milligan said

      Thanks for the changes…but what about the SUBJECT INDEX? It seems like this is a major problem, I can’t even search books by certain subjects like non-fiction or science. This has been the situation for MONTHS.

    54. Karl Lofgren said

      I’m very glad for being able to get rid of email notifications of related editions. Here’s a couple of wishes:

      In the page of my wishlist, I’d really like to see (perhaps as an option) a checkbox for each listing line – a check means send related edition email notices, no check means don’t. Then I could do this for many books quickly, AND I could see the status in a snap. (Now, which ones do I have set for notification? I wonder…..) If I wanted to change (one way or the other), a whole category (say, all of my wishes by one author), I could search on that author, check or uncheck, and be done!

      Here’s a wish that is perhaps harder? I’d like to be able to set up an automatic search done periodically (hopefully at times when there is little load on the system) with email notice of new findings. Could be an author name, title words, etc. For me, I’d love to have the system tell me when there is any newly listed book with the word ‘rowing’ anywhere. I do it manually, but like most things, automatic would be so much better…

      Love the site, keep up the good work, and thanks!


    55. Karl Lofgren said

      Hello again-

      Of course, the moment I clicked “Submit Comment” I thought of something else: In the user wishlist, if the exact edition wishlisted is available there is a button that says “MOOCH>”. How about if (and ONLY if) there were any related editions available, a similar button (“MOOCH RELATED>”?) would appear in the same line? That would be really nice!


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